Sunday, October 3, 2010

34 th street

34th Street James Oscar
Do u watch " Entourage" ??! here we go baby ;-)
school of architecture
right after meeting her - i fall in love

I had an incredible first day in New York.
Everything went awesome - i just met two beautiful people...
I was hanging all day out with them!!
In the afternoon, i was taken by James to an open poet reading....
This was amazing, there was soo cool people, all open minded and very very deep into fashion!!
luved it!!!
Thanks for having u around me... J + O :-)))))

Vitto Gcconci: "This waves are bigger than life - still life"

Jacket: Asos Black
Dress: Zara (Lisbon)
Tights: Henry Holland
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Miu Miu
Head: Topshop


November Grey said...

Great blog!! I'm so glad I found you... just eating it up.


November Grey

November Grey said...

Hi hon - feel free to follow. I'll be doing an awesome giveaway soon!


Lucy said...

I love your outfit, especially the shoes!!

hiven said...


Valou said...

nice look with nice colours

Anonymous said...

amazing! your sense of fashion... i`m loving it! come check my blog! you`ll love it! follow, i`ll return the favor. xoxo

Leather Skirts said...

Wow, Hong Kong Disneyland looks so much better than Disney World in Florida. Very neat!

Eden said...

OMG!NY!I so want to be there!I have to wait for another 2 years at least if I go to a college ther(I hope) i don't know if ur going to live there or just a holiday but enjoy it anyway!:))))
and ur outfit is very interesting:))
check out my blog

Cylia said...

i'm so happy for you girl:) you're having lots of fun i can tell:D and oh my goodness!! your MIU MIU BAG?! Im seriously so jealous!...


A blog by Mallory and Whitney said...

i ADORE your jacket! so jealous

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