Saturday, October 2, 2010

fasten your seatbelt baby

Oh my gosh - what a great flight - what a great day - what a beautiful city - what a awesome apartment.... Can`t believe that this belongs to me.
It all started with getting picked up by my ladies, to be took to the airport. After paying , for having two pieces of luggage ( sure :-D ), it took like 20 minutes to check my handluggage in.... after seeing all my stuff , the man just asked me " u work in fashion industry , right"
The flight was pretty awesome, as well. I even was used to see twilight - eclipse :-)
After arriving at JFK... i already got my kinda student visa at munich - the mister was asking me - "well, which fashion school u are into..." .... haha i just smiled...
After that, i had an amazing cab driver, who was telling me every singel rule about New York and how to stay here forever hahah
Now, i finally arrived my apartment and i was touched sooo deeply... cause it`s simply perfect...
i have no words for that part - better than i ever could imagen.
I`m sooo thankful to get this opportunity to live in an stunning city like NEW YORK....


xxxx Julia
Jacket: Patrizia Pepe
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Cardigan: Asos
ps: casual style for flying - put ma grandma glasses on ;-)


RIA S said...

Wow, you're so lucky to be able to live in New York!! :)
Hope you have great time there..

ellevictoire said...

I'm so envious! definitely looking forwards to reading about your adventures in ny :) x

Anonymous said...

Wow after traveling I want to look as stunning as you. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

P.S: I am your newest follower. Would really appreciate if you could return the favor. :)

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