Thursday, November 25, 2010

I don’t need a parachute baby if I got you

Iam soo into fur... love those pictures!!

Inspire me and I`ll inspire you back, Baby.

Sometimes in life, we all make the wrong decisions, trust the wrong people,
believe in things which actually doesn`t exsist.
We are human beings and that`s the way how life goes.

In those tough times, all you need a persons to catch you up
and tell you things, you are not able to see on your own.

A very wise person told me once:

`` ....but it`s better to be alone than with the wrong person
and you start from zero but I`m sure you will reach the top.
It`s because I trust in you. It is not just to please you that I said that
but you are really talented. That`s why i believe in you.
You`re creative and pretty.
You just have to connect your mind and your heart
and it will raise many things up.
You have to keep going on the way of becoming a stylist 
or creating stuff....``

Iam more than thankfull to have all those wonderful people in my life.
Being friends doesnt depent on the time you know eachother
or the distance you are living next to eachother ,
it is more about the connection between our hearts.. :-)

xxx Julia


Benedicte said...

Just one word : WOW!
We both know what all that means. And i totally agree with ur definition of friendship. Every time you fall in your life , u have to remember that it's possible to go from the bottom to the top. Life is a long way , leave the wrong people behind u and just keep moving forward. U will finally shine on ur own and the wrong people will want to come back but it will be to late. And then , u will find a shiny person , just like you. And together , you will shine like the two most beautiful stars ever in the sky...
I love u!

j calhoun said...

hun, u make me cry like a baby hahaha
Thank u sooo soo much!! This one is dedicated to U!!!!

LOVE U!!!!!
thanks to that amazing city, NEW YORK, that we met eachother over here :-)

Maryjane said...

Well said! It's never easy to go through hard time, and then be surprised who is there for your when you need it. And who wasn't there for your when you thought they would be. Not sure if that's your situation, but I think it happens to most of us at one point in time or another. Follow your heart, never let anything stop you, don't forget to stop and smell the roses, always be thankful for the great things in your life.

Maryjane xoxo

Oh, and the pics are just beautiful!

StylePicks said...

Nice post


Maryjane said...

You're welcome! Never forget that if he's gone, then you deserve better. He's only left your life, to make room for someone new and better suited for your. One of my favorite relationship boots of all time: "Mars and Venus on a Date"
If you have time, Google this book. It has helped me and many of my friends. I found it when I was 24 and wish I had found it sooner. I would recommend this book to my closest and dearest friends. This book will help you to move forward with a clear mind and heart, and you will feel better. ;-)

Maryjane xoxo

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