Sunday, November 28, 2010

lazy days in New York

There are somedays, when a girl doesn`t want
to wear make up at all. This was what i choosed for today.
But even without wearing any form of blusher, make up or mascara...
it looks like Iam still using it.
That`s the way Iam. Iam not sure if it is good or bad, yet!

xxx Julia

Jumpsuit: American Apparel
Sweater: Black Halo


Benedicte said...

I love ur jumpsuit from A.A and I understand u about the lazy dayz and the non-use of make up! But u still looking great and I think that there is seldom lazy dayz for us here in New York! But sometimes u need to have a break!

ABIGAIL NY said...

Love the outfit and that torn sweater is absolutely lovely!

Efrutik said...

You look great make up or not! I particularly like the contrast of the outfit with that very cold looking day outside the window, it shows you are warm. Lazy days....can you believe I haven' packed yet for Germany. Definitely not looking to the cold there :(

Maryjane said...

Hot, sultry and sexy! You rock the look girly! What an amazing view of the city!

Maryjane xoxo

alannah. said...

i hardly ever wear makeup! only really when im going out to a party or something like that!
you have an amazing view out over the city.x

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