Sunday, December 12, 2010

If it doesn`t hurt, it isn`t real.


This evening, I had such a good time, I had the pleasure to meet NINH NGUYEN
from ninhnguyendesigner. We had such a great time talking
about fashion and our next goals.
While having a ride to a club we discuss my view on love hahha
and the sentence that touched me most was `` .... if it doesn`t hurt, it isn`t real...``
That`s sooo me and I agree with it 100%!!

I also got an invitation to be here for the fashion week in nyc in febuary 2011.
I wished i could be here for that......

xxx Julia

Jacket: Patrizia Pepe
Dress: bought at Soho
multicolor belt: Vintage
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent
Clutch: H&M


Anonymous said...

Hey Julia, das ist so schade, dass du nicht dabei sein kannst...oder meinst du nicht, du kannst im Feb nochmal rüber fliegen???
das wäre so ein traum!!!!!

Julia Calhoun said...

Hiii :-)

wer bist du denn?! Ich versuche jeden Cent zu sparen um mir den flug leisten zu koennen aber wird echt schwer :-((( und JAA es waere der hammer!!!!

eelectroCutee said...

ahh too bad you can't come to NY fashion week.. it's a dream come true to be there..
hope you can make it to NY fashion week.. :)

sngthanh- said...

ur dress look amazing ! xx

Monroe Steele said...

really beautiful photos. love your dress with the belt and earrings. you look beautiful and you have awesome hair! i love your friends skirt too

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Benedicte said...

Honey u're just awesome!!! I love the perfect match between ur earrings and belt!!! Love u! xxxx

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