Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goodbye old banner

I was waiting for a while to change my banner into something more cleaner and more ME.
I really loved my first banner because it started my blog and that makes it feel like my baby
but after the last months and all those experiences, I definitely needed a change.
Thanks to Dominik for making me the first  pretty banner.

Anyways, my so talented friend Elina made the new one for me as a kind of christmas present.
Since green is my favorite color, she did it the perfect way.
It's so me and I asked her to use that quote because it is magical.
Do you like it?!
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Kisses Julia


Jessie said...

Love both of them :) Change is always good!


Ad2etsy said...

been trying to do same on my blog- but nothing I've come up with looks good enuff. I like yours. Oh and I have thoroughly been enjoying all your trips and pics- you seem to have been having tons of fun travelling etc.

Elina said...

yes yes yes :) new one!

Tia said...

Simple and sweet! Reminds me that I need to completely morph my blog!

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