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Interview with Ninh Nguyen - NYer upcoming Designer

1. Hi Ninh, could you introduce yourself?
I was born in Paris and grew up in France for nine years, before moving to the States. I received my Bachelors in Biology and minor in Psychology, but the path to becoming a doctor was not for me. I have always had an eye for fashion, and so I decided to move to NYC to pursue this passion. It was a tough decision for my parents to take as they are both in the medical field. But after receiving two fashion scholarships from the FSF-YMA in 2007 and 2008, and winning the Arts of Fashion competition in 2009, it showed them that their son does possess some talent! 

2. When did you actually start to design?
I have always loved drawing during school, but it wasn’t until I moved to NYC in 2007 that I started to learn how to design and make clothes. I did not know how to sew when I entered the Menswear program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. But after a few weeks of practice and hard work, I became one of the fastest and most accurate sewers in my class.

3. You will be showing your first collection during New York Fashion Week in February. How excited are you and how much work does it take to receive all this fame?
Since this is my first collection, everything that has to do with men’s fashion from 20th and the 21st century inspired me to design, whether directly and indirectly. I have included a biker jacket, a safari jacket, a varsity jacket, a bomber jacket, a tuxedo jacket, a cape, a military inspired blazer, a trench coat, a tail coat, etc… And we have combined all these styles from different eras in menswear, into one cohesive collection with a modern twist. I wanted to show people what I am capable of, and believe this collection will prove my point.

Fashion is not easy; It’s hard work and only the best survive. There’s a lot going on behind closed doors, but what the public sees is mainly the fame and glory. There is a lot involved in the industry from designing, production, marketing, etc. It’s a business after all. You cannot only think about designing, but you have to also be smart about selling your designs.

4. If you had to describe your brand in three words, what would they be?
Confident. Sophisticated. Unique.

A simple phrase that describes the NINH label would be: Burberry meets Yohji Yamamoto. Burberry greatly influences me because of their beautifully crafted outerwear pieces and fitted silhouettes, while Yamamoto, probably the greatest Asian designer of our times, is an analogy to the Asian influence to NINH’s designs.

5. Will you ever do women’s or are you only focused on men’s?
I love men’s clothes that get inspired by women’s fashion. But I do not have a passion to do womenswear at the moment. Maybe one day I’ll include a few pieces for the ladies  J
6. Where can people purchase your collection?
At the moment we are not selling the NINH label anywhere. After the launch of our collection, we will decide which boutiques to hold our clothes. We are in the process of having an online shop on our website as well.

7. What would be your dream collaboration? Which designer do you admire the most?
I love the concept of collaborations between two independent fashion companies. It strengthens your clothes, it explores a new market and it is limited. If I could do a collaboration, I would do it with either a shoe designer or a company such as H&M or Uniqlo.
I don’t really have a specific designer that I admire the most. But I do like Frida Giannini for Gucci, Christopher Bailey for Burberry and Mihara Yasuhiro.
8. Any advice for young aspiring designers?
A quote by Nora Roberts which I live by goes like this: "If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place". You only have one chance to live. So why live in the shadows when you can be the one to create your future? Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself! But you truly have to have a passion for this field and have the courage and will to succeed.

9. I got to know you in New York and it was truly a pleasure! I am absolutely in LOVE with this city. What do you love and what inspires you over there?
It was so great to meet you Julia! You’re so fashionable and outgoing, and did I say pretty yet? Hehe…
New York City is a melting pot of many different languages and cultures. It’s a perfect place to get influenced by different fashion from around the world. The NINH man lives in a metropolitan atmosphere. He travels back and forth from NYC, SF, London and Paris. And living in NYC is the perfect environment for my creation and designs.

10. I really appreciate it that you took your time to do this interview with "geeksndfashion" and I wish you the BEST for your show at NYFW 2011 in NYC. You deserve to reach your goals!! Again, it was a pleasure to meet you in New York City. Feel free to close the interview with your personal words of wisdom.
Thank you for having me for this interview Julia. I hope you return to NYC soon! I hope your readers like the NINH label and don’t forget to add our Facebook Fan Page and subscribe to our Twitter!
I will conclude this interview with one last quote that one of my mentors has told which I really admire: "People can imitate your designs, but they will never steal your creativity".
Cheers and see you guys on the catwalk!


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I hope he does decide to branch out into womenswear, this collection looks gorgeous!

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Great interview. Very inspiring. Keep it up and good luck with the Fashion Show this February. All the Best!


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