Friday, January 21, 2011

My heart, My soul, My Love

If have almost been to all of those places. A friend of mine send this
video to me and of course I am in love with it from the first second.
For most of the people it's JUST a city but for ME it's
the place where i feel home, where I feel like being accepted.
New York is my love story for all time.


Margaret said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah you have no idea how much i want to be in new york right abooout.... now :)
hahaha jumping photos are the hardest thing! i don't know if it makes any sense but you just have to make sure you catch the image at the top of the jump so you aren't blurring up or down. unless you have a remote which makes life that much easier :D

andie*** said...

NY will NEVER be just a city...!
Been there six times and it's always fun exiting and SPECIAL! so great video...thanks for sharing:)
Great blog by the way;)

Sephora said...

I'd like very much this video,but I don't know if I like to stay in NY,I"d like to go to see the city very much.

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Leather and Lace said...

your blog is so fun!! i could look at it all day

A N G E L A said...

thanks so much for your comment! ;)

love your blog !!!



Sana said...

Amazing video!!!
Would love to go to NY once :)
Nive blog you have with cool pictures.
If you want to follow me, I'll follow you back :)

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