Thursday, January 27, 2011

My life as a workaholic

Since I traveled the whole world in the last past months, my bank account was about to die.
I also wanna move to London as soon as possible and all those combined truly means...
"Baby work your pretty ass off..."
Today my money making mentality started hahah... My day started at the first job and stopped at the second one. The pictures are from the second one, where I am doing the reservations at the door.
Dress code: ALL IN BLACK.. That's why I am all black, truly not an outfit post but a part
of my life from today on. I am tired and excited at the same moment because I am doing all of that to fulfill my
dream again. Since I have been to New York, I am more serious about focusing on my dreams then ever before. That's why I am having 3 jobs at the moment. See how i will feel in one month haha

Kisses Julia

Blazer: H&M
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Sara said...

Good luck on your jobs :)

Hope you move to London!

Kiss from Portugal,

Downtown Diaries said...

wow! traveled the world! lucky you! you are one busy gal! good luck in all your new ventures! sounds exciting!!

Efrutik said...

Haha so it's been one month, and here is the question: How do you feel now from working all those jobs?

It's kinda funny, b/c I was looking through your blog (sharing with my sis your wicked style) and saw this post, so we decided to ask the question.

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