Friday, January 21, 2011

My turban love

Babe, I wanna have a turban like this. It looks like a towel but
I really wanna have the same. I really don't mind at all.
It's actually beautifullll and since New York my love
for those little cute turbans increased!!!

LOVE Julia


Anna said...

Thank you Julia,
As you wished I'm your new follower,
now would you like to follow me back?
Oh and I love that turban, too.

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Is amazing!! i liked :D*

Peace & Love,
Ivânia Diamond*

C'EST DEMODE said...

turbans are so cute but I dunno if I can pull one off.

love your blog.. now following.

xxo Tess S.

Sephora said...

I like the turban too!
tanke you for the comment and if you like to follow me back !
I promiss to whrite in english or in itaian :-)

Anonymous said...

fabulous darling!
love the turban, how carrie of sex and the city!
follow me :)

Dee O. said...

That turban is absolutely wonderful!! I love it :)


Marissa said...

it really does look like a towel, but somehow it works! i really like her overall look, the bangles, the nail polish, it's all done so well.

Girl Meets Handbag

*chameleon* said...

so cool photo!!!the turbans can look so good,depending on who is wearing them of course!;)
p.s. thanks for your comment...:) i'm already following u,on google and bloglovin...

Autilia Antonucci said...

AMAZING , I want one x

MUTANTES said...

I wanna learn how to do it gonna call my grandma

chloe said...

wow, she's amazing, i love everything she's got on! ive been brave enough to wear a turban a couple of times but ive never had such high knots, its so cool! x

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