Saturday, February 26, 2011

Interview with Jasmin Rodriguez aka Vinny Vandal

1. Hi gorgeous, please introduce yourself.
My name is Jasmin Rodriguez but everyone knows me as “Vintage Vandalizm” because of my blog that showcases my work, style, and photographs. Everything I represent is a marriage of the timeless beauty of Vintage & the gritty realness Vandalizm. I’m an ARTIST, so my imagination plays a huge role in my life. It takes me into a fantasy land that I try my best to invite you to. I’m like Alice & my imagination is my Wonderland. I use my fashion sense, blog and paintings to express my creativity. That’s right, my talents spread far and wide and it’s my mission to let them all fly free.

2. Have you ever been that interested in fashion? When did your passion really started?!
My style stems way back to when I was a little kid. My mother always wanted me in dresses and I hated them so much I would wear my favorite leather jacket over the dress and wear combat boots just so I could feel like ME. I was naturally rebellious and that is what created my style, I didn't want to follow rules, trends, or look like the other kids. I just wanted to be me, and not much has changed since then. Its like that quote by Miuccia Prada 
"Style rebellion is still a form of self-expression". I guess I was fashionable without even knowing it.

3. What do you love and what do you hate the most about living in New York?
I dont love it or hate it, this is where I was born and raised and I am "comfortable". I love Spring and Summer here but I hate fall and Winters here. I would like to be bicoastal and live in California for 2 seasons and come back here in the Spring. I'm working on it ;)

4. As you told me at some day, living in New York is sometimes not that easy, even for you. Tell us more about that.
I have to be honest, NY has a reputation of having the realest people on earth. That is a lie. There are wayyy too many people faking the funk out here and its really hard to trust people. I guess thats everywhere you go but this really is a "Grimey" city. Most people are
 out for themselves and no one wants to unite and help one another. People here will take everything you've worked hard for, your style, your ideas and put it out there as if they thought it all up themselves. It is one thing to be inspired by someone and incorporate different aspects of it within your own style, but I have had people be MORE than inspired and literally copy and paste my looks onto themselves and put it out there as if they thought it up all by themselves. Not that I think my style is gold but all in all it's ME. It bothers me sometimes but I just smile and take it all in with a grain of salt. I always try to be 10 steps ahead of my game and I am always evolving fashionably and working on something new and thats all that matters in the end.

5. You have a great vintage shop. I already did great purchases over there. When did u start it and what will be the next step?
My plan is to one day open a real Vintage Shop in Brooklyn. Having an online shop has prepared me for when it actually happens. However, I have a few projects in the works before that one takes place so stay tuned.

6. Tell us a quote which inspires you in the deepest way.
"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."-Albert Camus
I remember finding this quote online in my early teenage years and being able to relate to it. I have always been somewhat allergic to limitations and rules. I do not know what its like to be caged in mentally, I do not now how to obey, and I am not a follower and never will be. I assumed everyone was just the same but realized that it is so hard for some people to just be themselves because they are afraid of what society may think of them. I don't know what thats like, but I assume it must be some kind of hell to ignore being who you really are to "follow" because of fear.

 Thank you so much for taking your time to do that interview with geeksnfashion! I really appreciate it my love! I wish you all the best with your career. Check her blog HERE


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