Friday, March 4, 2011

All over minimalistic

Ph. J Crew 

Wow, I am so into that whole minimalistic look. It's perfect and it's all I need in the moment but I guess it's
the hardest thing to wear. I don't have a lot of minimalistic clothes but I am on my way to get more and more... haha. Since I got these kind of crazy hair color, I want the outfits to be more simple and growing up. We will see how I am gonna work it out next week at the Fashion Week in Lisboa.

I know, that I got a huge huge lack on outfit post this week but I am promising you guys that next week
I am going to make it all undone because there will be a lot of posts, though.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with tones of fun...
Gonna have a photo shooting on Sunday, we'll see how it's going to run :-)

Kisses Julia

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