Thursday, March 17, 2011

Designers: Lisboa Fashion Week - Day 2

Luis Buchinho

This was deff one of the cleanest shows. The be honest, it was the first show at Modalisboa which gave me a feeling of.... " Wow, were can I buy those clothes..." . Great Great Great... Especially all the white pieces!!!

Katty Xiomara
Not 100% my cup of tea but in my opinion, you can find some inspiration in every show. And I know how much work stands behind every show... So Katty, I don't wanna blame anything on you.

Ana Salazar

RED - was deff the color at Modalisboa, almost every designer had a line of red pieces in the collection.
And YESSS, I am fan of red... please more. Ana's collection was very Chanel inspired. Thumbs up!

Kisses Julia

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