Friday, March 11, 2011

Lisbon Fashion Week / first day

Edem-WAD magazine / Shyne, M.O. , M.E. -Montaigne Street 
Ph. Edem D. (WAD magazine Paris) / Susana ( Stilleto Effect) / Me

Wow, after a huge hangover, I just went straight to the shows with no sleep at all.
But it really was worth it. I met the guys of the blog Montaigne Street from Paris.
I am already following their blog for a while, so it was a great surprise to meet them at
Modalisboa and we spend almost the whole day together. Another great great guy  have met at the shows is Edem, also from Paris. He works for the WAD magazine.
I guess the following days will be brilliant - expecting a lot of fun at the after parties with all
those guys.

To make a step to the shows. The show of Ricardo Preto was very Lanvin inspired. I loved the sheer oufits, one of my favorites was the long red dress... PERFECT.
The second show of Pedro Pedro was the best one, it totally hit my taste of style. The materials and shapes was just on the point.
The third one - Alves/Goncalves was not really the stuff what I would going to wear but it was well done and I deff found some inspirations. I am excited of today's show. I am going to leave some update tomorrow - hopefully ;-)

Kisses Julia

Blazer: Asos Black
Dress: Zara
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Alexander Wang Darcy
Ring: Modekungen
Claw Necklace: Fashionology

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Elina said...

ich bin stolz auf dich! alles zack zack press pass hier und da! haaammer! and you look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!


candyfloss.addicted said...

i love the new transparent look. so sexy!

xoxo,c.a ♥

ATW said...

coole bilder! :) xxx

Monroe Steele said...

Wow cool photos...have fun!

xoxo Monroe

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