Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London's shame!


This morning I woke up preparing myself to go to work, wearing an outfit ready to do the usual blog post.
The last couple of days were pretty ruff and I was more or less lucky to live in kind of a safe area.
Nevertheless I was a bit scarred the whole time while you could hear helicopters and police/ambulance signs all the time.

Then things went crazy when me and my colleagues got evacuated by the police from my work place at Marni, today. I am actually working at Sloan Street where you can find all the flagship stores of the big designer names like Yves Saint Laurent, Marni, Gucci, Hermes etc. . Since Oxford Circus got attacked by looters, it was just a question of time until they would come to places where they can actually find more expensive items. While changing my uniform back to my private outfit, I was in kind of a shock status. It's just surreal what's happening right now and hard to understand why people are going so far, way to far. It's already going on for days now and there isn't really an end.
Then I saw youths with covered faces on the street, ready to loot and to hit everything down what's coming in their way.
I will never forget the picture while walking down Sloan Street to head the tube station, looking into shops like Dolce & Gabbana and the windows plus the entire shop floor was completely empty. Not caused by looters but by the staff just in case. And by saying empty, I mean literally empty, not even a single thing left. I took a picture with my Blackberry but the quality is too bad. Although I was carrying my Nikon, I didn't really had the time to take a proper picture because all we was worry about was to reach the tube station in a proper safe way. 

A lot of my friends weren't that lucky as I am and were affected by those riots. Buildings burnt down, cars were destroyed, massive local food stores like Tesco are just gone.
I am really praying that this madness, this nightmare will end soon.
London looks like in middle of a war.
And I really hope that they won't destroy my working place, it would be a shame.

My thoughts and prayers are going out to all the police men who try to protect us, the families who already lost someone, the injured victims and all the other people who have been affected in any other way.
God bless you.

PS: I know that you guys understand that while all those things are happening in London, I don't really want to do any outfit posts and even if I want, it's not possible. I will keep you updated about the situation.

Kisses Julia


*andie* said...

i hope it's gonny be better soon....it's nothing worse than feeling unsafe in your current 'hometown'...!take care!!!

Monroe Steele said...

wow this is crazy. please be safe.

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

morningcupcakes said...

das ist alles so schrecklich. icb wünsche dir und allen anderen dort nur das beste für diese tage! solche menschen kann ich einfach nicht verstehen. ich hoffe das hat alles ganz schnell ein ende.

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