Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ibiza, here I come!


Since there wasn't any summer in London, AT ALL and I just spend 3 days on the seaside this year...
I decided to catch a flight and get the last sunbeams of Ibiza. I am quite excited, even if I never was a fan of Ibiza.
But the vision of laying at the beach, getting tanned, having some cocktails while the sun is going down and seeing my dear Rob, again... makes it going to be major fun.

I try to put as much post on as I can but since I am just going for 4 days, I cannot promise to organize it.
But I'll do my best.

Plus I am going to Lisboa Fashion Week from the 4th of October until the 11th of October.
Super sweet news and I am super duper excited.

Kisses Julia

1 comment:

Sara said...

So cool! :)

Have fun!! hehe


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