Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feature - FASHIONAIRE256®

October has been such a big headed month but finally, its a few more days for it to go down the history aisle. For you who have been following us fashionably you know every month we present to you a very amazing and fashionate female from anywhere around the earth. We call them 'Fashionaire Girls of the month' because they rock a fashionaire's world. Surprisingly this time around we have got two of them, this is just Pt.1.

So, who have we got in this part?! Before I even say her name I know most of you might have seen/met her somewhere or had a dream about her because she is so out there like the weather; she is hot, she is cold, her style is surprising like the English Weather and you who has no clue at all about who she is obviously you're not out there. Anyway, let me free your minds; ladies and gentlemen it is JULIA CALHOUN; The powerful woman behind GEEKSNDFASHION.
Julia is a very passionate dresser. She is her own stylist. Her freshness will shake you down at first sight and her style will make a stylist wanna commit suicide. When it comes to shoes she must have committed shoe-i-cide(truth). She crosses all boundaries when it comes to fashion.
Its a very big pleasure that we are featuring her on the blog which we have always really loved to.
I feel like I have said more than I had planned to say about her therefore I'm not going to say anymore about her. On that note I am sending you to, in other words i'm sending you to her world. Now GO!


Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

I love this, your posts are always great, I love to follow!
Please see mine :)

nik said...

Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

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