Thursday, May 10, 2012


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There goes my CÉLINE story.
Around 2 years ago, I couldn't think of any more attractive bag than the Boston.
Since the hype of this particular bag got enormously huge and you could spot countless
celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas with it, my lust for it disappeared rapidly.
The hype was simply too much for my taste.
I thought about going for the tote version, the Cabas in a super cool bright color
but the reason I didn't, is because there is no zipper to close the bag.
Since I already made some BAD experiences with open bags during my time in New York City,
the tote also disappeared from my wish list.
One day at Dover Street Market in London I spotted the beautiful TRAPEZE bag by CÉLINE.
And suddenly there was the next problem. I could only find the small version, in multi colour
versions. I searched in whole London with no luck at all. One day I made my mind and decided
to go for an extremely risky colour. All White. The aesthetic and elegance of it
captured my heart. I called my friend Martin to help me, since he is based in Paris.
Paris is the place to get special CÉLINE pieces. He put my name on the waiting list and
after around 2 months I got this pure beauty on Tuesday. The bag was only 4 times available
in Paris and I got 1 of it. Huge shout goes out to Martin for being so lovely and supportive to
make this happen. A bag to die for, a bag to take a lot of care for.

CÉLINE - Trapeze Medium


Eda. said...

Such a beautiful bag, love Celine

Eda ♥

Nevena said...

It's gorgeous <3

Heather said...

UGHHH THIS BAG IS SO BEAUTIFUL! So jealous I would love to add this piece to my collection of handbags.

Sara said...

It's truly beautiful.

I love all the CELINE bags.. Would die for one hehe ;P



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