Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lusting for...

That's an outfit I am lusting for. A little bohemian, a little casual, an extra ME.
I am dying over this ANN DEMEULEMEESTER over sized leather hat which is by far out
of my budget with it's £1055.00 but girls are allowed to dream, aren't they.
I started to wear the "Magnetic Polish" by Nail Inc during NY Fashion Week this season.
It's super cool since there is a little magnet on top of the bottle which is causing stripes
and different kind of shapes on your nails.

1. Shourouk Comet Acid Earring - € 475.13
2. ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Oversized leather sirio hat - £1055.00
3. Opening Ceremony ‘Spongy’ textured knit top - £250.00
6. Converse All Star Ox - £40.00

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Anonymous said...

Great outfit! I am dying to get that maxi skirt!

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