Friday, June 8, 2012

Pointy Heels: Costume National vs. Alexander Wang

Talking about this season's shoe trend, you definitely will be confronted with the word:
Pointy Strappy Heels
Since the super hyped Wang models like Bianca and Joan are SOLD OUT almost
everywhere. Plus I am not really tempt do go for shoes which are already seen on hundreds of
street style pictures and everyone and their mom own them.
Since that and for an aesthetic reason, I will go for the version of Costume National. I love the little cut out on the 5 inch heel. As much as I adore Mr. Wang's work but for me, the winner in
this "battle" clearly calls Costume National. Now fingers crossed that I will find them because 38 is SOLD OUT which is my size. Still trying to purchase them somehow.
Let's see if there will be something for me... Which one do you prefer, tho?

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