Thursday, June 21, 2012

SUN 'DEL' RAY Dip Hem Shirt

Ph. Sara P.

This outfit or lets better say the details which I am showing you in this post is reflecting my
mood and the sweet weather in Berlin. Brightness all over.
Although I lost a beloved member of my family last week, which is extremely painful,
I need to focus on the bright side of life. I learned to appreciate the people I love and who are still by my side, even more. I took a beautiful picture today during the funeral of my beloved grandma.
Who ever is following me on Instagram (@geeksndfashion) did may already see it.
I did spot a field of rocks where you could find some bright red flowers growing in between.
It's like, even at the worst place, there is still something beautiful and magical.
That's how everyone should see life. xx

Sun 'Del' Ray Dip Hem Shirt: THREE FLOOR
Waxed Skinny Pants: Zara
Yellow Heels: H&M
Anklet: Asos


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Those are gorgeous heels. I love their neon color.

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Thorunn Ivarsdottir said...

LOVE THIS!! Beautiful
love, Thorunn

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