Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guest Post: ANDRÉ SUPA


I am barely doing Guest Posts but when I am doing one, it's for a reason!

                        NEXT STOP: BIG APPLE FASHION WEEK
It hasn’t been that long since I found myself in Paris during their fashion week, and now it’s time for New York Fashion Week. I have absolutely no idea of what to expect, other than a lot! I’m going to spend two weeks with the blogger/fashionista and friend, Julia Lang / geeksndfashion, two weeks all about style and fashion and of course some NYC burgers on the way. Since this is my first time setting foot in the city that never sleeps, we could’ve been without sleep, that is not the case thou – luckily – the power of social networking has given us some unique opportunities regarding shelter. The first week we’re sleeping in a penthouse flat in Manhattan and the next week at one half of the designer duo, Ricky, from Dee & Ricky (famous for their lego pins worn by KanYe West, Takashi Murakami etc.). For a first time in this city, I’d say we’re definitely getting a big piece of the apple.
I’ll bring the camera a long all the way, of course, filming and shooting so you won’t get left behind, you, back in Denmark. My head and hands have been pretty occupied the last weeks, as a result of my upcoming and debut collection A.N.D BY ANDRÉ SUPA, and with a once in a lifetime trip to New York, I would be a fool for not bringing a part of the collection with me and present it during the fashion week, you never know who you might run into.

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