Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Daily Make-Up Routine

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Since I haven't done any post about my Make-Up Routine.
I thought, it's definitely time to share a bit more with you.
I am using these make-up products every single day and I will exactly let you know why...!

1.   CHANEL Ultra Correction Eye Lift which is truly NOT only for our moms'.
      It refreshes the skin under your eyes and makes it look like after a spa which is PERFECT!

2.   ARTDECO Camouflage Cream which is the best concealer I've ever put on my skin.
       I am using it since more than five years. It's simply magic.

3.   ESSENCE Silky Touch Blush to give my face a bit of freshness.

4.   CLINIQUE High Impact Mascara which makes the most beautiful lashes.

5.   YVES SAINT LAURENT - YSL Lipstick #12 #13 #14 which is my main essential.
       I swear on these lipsticks. It's not only long lasting, super soft but also by far the most
       beautiful selection of colors.

When it comes to my Make-Up, I like to put the focus on my lips. I prefer to keep my
eyes quite natural and simple while using bright colors on my lips. There is barely an occasion
in my life where you can spot me without any colored lipstick. It's either putting the focus on
your eyes or lips. I am one hundred percent going for the lips. Hands down!
What about you?!

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