Thursday, February 28, 2013

PARIS - Le Silencio // Marcelo Burlon

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Ph. Benedicte K. 

Le Silencio in Paris is such a cool place to celebrate after parties.
It`s Marcelo Burlon again. He is too cute. Pure and humble.
The crowd was excellence... Theophilus London, Willy Cartier and Olivier Rousteing 
(designer of BALMAIN)... everyone was there... xx

Scuba Coat: Theyskens`Theory
Silk Dress: Stella McCartney
Clutch: Maison Martin Margiela
Overknee Boots: Vintage

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PARIS - Fashion Week 1

 photo IMG_8999_zps3fc845a6.jpg
 photo IMG_9000_zps8dd66235.jpg
 photo IMG_9003_zps0efa51ee.jpg
 photo IMG_8932_zps9f08dd35.jpg
 photo IMG_8936_zps6223e3e6.jpg
 photo IMG_9020_zps6c80f8f3.jpg
 photo IMG_9011_zps857e8009.jpg
 photo IMG_8989_zps1c7aad90.jpg
Ph. Edem L. D.

I am one of those persons who barely wear any vintage pieces but every now and then even
me finds something very appealing to it. I found this dress in a small boutique in Paris.
The dress is all about the sleeves which reminded me a lot of BALMAIN.
I went to two different shows, GROUND ZERO and Devastee.
I adore the oversized sunnies at the GROUND ZERO show. They seem to be  inspired by ski gear.
At night, we went to Le Pompom for the BEEN TRILL party were we spotted a lot of cool
people, even the upper great Christine Centenera was dancing next to me.
Paris you are wonderful!! xx

Dress: Vintage
Overknee Boots: Topshop
Hat: Zara
Clutch: H&M

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PARIS - First day at le petit Paris

 photo IMG_8734_zpsd0752605.jpg
 photo IMG_8798_zpse04e14cc.jpg
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 photo IMG_8757_zps63f6351d.jpg
 photo IMG_8708_zpse9d8ebe4.jpg
 photo IMG_8811_zps86599631.jpg
 photo IMG_8820_zpsdde1d807.jpg
 photo IMG_8737_zpsd1b801d0.jpg
 photo IMG_8770_zps30d7977d.jpg
Ph. Benedicte K. 

My first day in Paris was bwonderful. Strolling through the city, having lunch at "la parizienne"
which offers a great selected menu combined with an exclusive atmosphere just next to Colette.
The weather is kind of frustrating but yeah... We better have to deal with it.

The highlight was Kanye West`s live performance at "Le Zenith" which was nothing but PURE
inspiration. I wasn`t able to take my camera with me but I took some pictures with my Instagram
account. (@geeksndfashion / Julia Lang)

It's the 1st day of Paris Fashion Week, time to get ready. xx

Coat: Surface to Air
Bomber: Lalalove London
Faux Leather Pants: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Hat: Zara
Leather Gloves: H&M Trend 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

MILAN - Fashion Week // Phillip Plein x Marcelo Burlon After Party

 photo IMG_8668_zps035e247b.jpg
 photo IMG_8677_zps8fc4502a.jpg
 photo IMG_8703_zps59fb575d.jpg
 photo IMG_8639_zps05567807.jpg
 photo IMG_8626_zpsa4938677.jpg
 photo IMG_8658_zpsf6fcc560.jpg
Ph. Greta P. 

Welcome to Marcelo Burlon's and Phillip Plein's fairytale which wasn't only the location
of Plein's F/W'13 runway show but also the place where the after party took place.

The legendary Grace Jones performed and Marcelo was spinning the turntables.
Do I need to add anything else?  What a glorious way to spend my last hours in Milan.
I just arrived in Paris... YAY!

Dress: Alexander Wang inspired / Missguided
Clutch: Vlieger and Vandam
Hat: LVRS for Stussy by Theophilus London
Headpiece: Zara
Overknee Boots: Topshop 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

MILAN - Fashion Week // Diary 1

 photo IMG_8484_zpsef4ab15e.jpg
 photo IMG_8477_zps801d3689.jpg
 photo IMG_8471_zps8214a3fa.jpg
 photo IMG_8503_zps5e27decc.jpg
 photo IMG_8504_zps2c04051b.jpg
 photo IMG_8516_zpsb397223b.jpg
 photo IMG_8513_zps9a7cf8eb.jpg
 photo IMG_8515_zps3f8c4c91.jpg
 photo IMG_8509_zps97e21011.jpg
 photo IMG_8536_zps6ab9c57b.jpg
 photo IMG_8528_zps46764ca6.jpg
 photo IMG_8518_zps1eb1ca3f.jpg
 photo IMG_8468_zpsb8ab87de.jpg
Ph. Nelson Campbell / Me 

My very first day in Milan was a mixture of everything.
Nelson and me stopped by at several showrooms, Emanuele Bicocchi isn't only the sweetest
guy on earth but his handmade jewellery line is beyond beautiful.
If you are searching for high quality leather, wool and cashmere pieces, 10SEI0OTTO is the one.
CASADEI's shoe presentation blew minds. I was starting to pray to make every single pair
my very own. Girls can dream, can't we...? Bumping again into Top model Liya Kebede at the
PINKO Bag for Ethiopia event was amazing. She just happened to be on the same flight from
London to Milan as I was. Super cool!!
We also stopped by the upper great concept store 10 Corso Como and had a delicious
peppermint tea. Great timing since the pop up store of DIOR by Raf Simons just launched
that day at 10 Corso Como. Make sure to visit it whenever you're in Milan.
Regarding my look, as you can might tell, I am all over hologram looks at the moment.

Need to get ready now for the PHILLIP PLEIN show and it's party.
The party will be one of the highlights since Marcelo Burlon just announced that GRACE JONES
will perform there tonight too. Can't wait...! Later xx

Scuba Coat: Theyskens' Theory
Peplum Top: THREE FLOOR SS'13 
Skirt: H&M Trend
Hologram Shoes + Clutch: H&M (Sale) 
Hat: Topshop
Bracelet: Minusey 

LONDON Fashion Week - MING F/W'13

 photo IMG_8314_zps5d6e6570.jpg
 photo IMG_8349_zps6c570252.jpg
 photo IMG_8320_zps27dcc5b1.jpg
 photo IMG_8333_zps2ec580b3.jpg
 photo IMG_8338_zpsd0f51fad.jpg
 photo IMG_8397_zpsae000116.jpg
Ph. Me 

MING F/W'13 

If I had to choose one piece to wear right now, it would probably be the long coat on the 
last picture of my post. It reminds me of Celine. It's a simple cut, yet extraordinary with it's 
mixed colorways and fabrics. Something I would definitely see me wearing.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

LONDON - Fashion Week 3

 photo IMG_3460_zps9766771b.jpg
 photo IMG_3458_zps3e64c717.jpg
 photo IMG_3470_zps85682de2.jpg
 photo IMG_3454-1_zps52f3b4e7.jpg
 photo IMG_3455_zps7a461360.jpg
Ph. Toni Tran 

This was is it... London Fashion Week A/W '13.
I went for a riskier look on my last day of LFW. Mixing up pink with amber isn't
something which I would usually do but it just felt right when I woke up at that morning.
I had the chance to see the beautiful show of MING which totally deserves it's very own
post. Therefore I was also wearing a coat by MING. Representing the designer you are seeing
is always fun to me. I am currently in Milan and my first day couldn't have been any better.
A huge S/O goes out to Nelson  for showing me around in Milan today. I've already seen more
than I would have been able to on my own for the whole week. THANK YOU!! 

Coat: MING
Jumper: H&M Trend
Pants: Celine inspired - Paige 
Booties: Isabel Marant inspired - Zara 
Sunnies:John Brown Paris
Clutch: H&M
Hat: Zara

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