Sunday, March 3, 2013

I AM COMING HOME - Kanye West signs for me

Video: Me 

My first night in Paris was magical since Kanye West was performing live at Le Zenith.
We got our tickets around two hours before the concert started but we made it into the
front row where it happened to be an ocean of people celebrating Kanye and themselves while
jumping, screaming and dancing. Although it was a bit chaotic at times, we truly had an
amazing night. The show was a pure inspiration and I am glad that I was a part of it.

After almost five weeks of traveling, I am on my way back home to Berlin.
It feels very weird to go back to "normal life" since the last couple of weeks gave me any
emotion possible. There was nothing missing and I gained so many experiences and
unforgettable moments.
I don`t think that there could be any better way to end this trip rather than letting Kanye sing for me.


PS: Expect more posts of my coverage of Fashion Week during the next days.
I have so much more to share with you. 

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