Saturday, March 9, 2013

MILAN - Fashion Week // Diary 2

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Ph. Nelson Campbell / Me 

Diary II of my time in Milan is full of showroom hopping's, Chai Lattes at 10 Corso Como,
great times with my friends, the gorgeous and lovely Chloe Melissa Norgaard and
Nelson Campbell and much more.
S/O to Kuboraum Berlin for making the sickest sunnies & to Marcelo Burlon who designed some
of the coolest T-Shirt lines out there at the very moment plus for being such a humble sweetheart!


RealFrenchieFromParis said...

what the hell do you mean by "le petite Paris"?? do you even speak French?? I bet not.. and pretending to plus writing so many mistakes... uuh.. no go..

Julia Lang said...

Thank you RealFrenchieFromParis for taking your time to read my blog.

I am sharing only love for you.
Why hating? :-)

Namaste <3

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