Friday, March 8, 2013

NEW YORK - ILS Magazine

"Julia Lang is the international fashionista that everyone seems to know, especially in New York. With one of the most stylish blogs in the Northern Hemisphere, Julia is quickly making headway in the fashion-blogging community. Delicately shy and aesthetically compelling, Julia has a playful, yet fusty style. When she isn’t posing for the camera, shopping for new gems, working diligently for Fashionation, or meeting your favorite celebrity, Julia can be normally found adding more to her blog. It was surely a great pleasure to have her for The Affair this week! Julia has been one of our very first supporters since we launched in July,2012. It was quite the mission to snag her while she was here in New York for such a short time! I must congratulate Julia on a very successful NYFW in which she was able to enjoy all the great fashion shows and spend time with some highly coveted and respected faces in the industry." – LEGEND-daily

NEW YORK CITY - The city where I feel most recognized, the city where I feel that everything is
possible, the city where people are appreciating my work most , the city which stole my heart unconditionally.

On my last day in NYC, I was invited to join a very interesting project called THE AFFAIR.
"Unfortunately, Nemo kept us out of commission last week but we came back with a vengeance this week. This week’s Affair features Julia Lang, RacheletNicole, Benjamin Fanlight and Rome. This was the best Affair we have had thus far. It completely embodied our aspirations for The Affair– a profound chemistry that induced a thought-provoking atmopshere and complete entertainment. They taught us that it’s all about #gettingthelook. The pictures are a meager representation of the evening; the video will be released shortly, which will explain the hash tag. Enjoy!"

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