Thursday, May 30, 2013

BERLIN: Waterfall

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 photo 032_zpse6aa44fc.jpg
 photo 047_zps0855750c.jpg
 photo 014_zps409520b4.jpg
Ph. Chris D.

Berlin is full of surprises. Cool bars here, graffiti walls there and a waterfall here.
Although the weather wasn't perfect to hit the spot, it's definitely worth to visit.
Such a beautiful and magical place. Victoria Park in Kreuzberg.

I was wearing some printed PAIGE jeans combined with a pair of comfy bad ass Surface to Air shoes.

Jacket: Tailor Made
Asymmetric Top: Helmut Lang
Pants: Paige
Necklace: COS, Necklace

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BERLIN: Sports Chic

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 photo 051_zps02d0d754.jpg
 photo 047_zps1810d13b.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Fashionable sports attire? Sportswear inspiration for fashion designers?
Whichever way you look at it, fashion plus sport equals a rich playground of visual imagery.
I've been a fan of it since many seasons and whenever I can pair some sexy shoes with a
sporty piece my heart is jumping. What about you?

Overall: COS - similar HERE
Shoes: Nelly
Necklace: Topshop
Clutch: DIY

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BERLIN: Feathers

 photo 003_zpsb9ef463e.jpg
 photo 027_zpsf53e382e.jpg
 photo 011_zps0b41e3c6.jpg
Ph. Sara P. 

Doesn't even look like I am in Berlin but sure I am. I am off to bed. xxx

Shoes: Asos
Tote: Alexander Wang
Sunnies: John Brown Paris 
Bracelet: Ibiza Market

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BERLIN: Yellow Mellow

 photo 144_zps22a295a7.jpg  photo 132_zps5b13027a.jpg
Ph. Herbert L.

Spend some sunny days with my family. Nothing more I could ask for. xx

Cotton Shirt Dress: Zara
Shoes:  Ala├»a inspired - Zara
Waistpack: Nike

Saturday, May 18, 2013

BERLIN: Leather Overall

 photo 117_zpsd40ce22a.jpg
 photo 143_zps0e558104.jpg
 photo 153_zps3022a6a8.jpg
 photo 146_zpse4b336fb.jpg
 photo 097_zps96f4d29f.jpg  photo 163_zpsafdc80fe.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Dear Summer Nights, I am soo in love with you!xx

Leather Overall: Asos
Necklace: Zara x H&M
Shirt: Zara
Shoes: Nelly

Thursday, May 16, 2013

BERLIN: Blinded by Labels?

 photo 006_zps754739a8.jpg
Ph. Me

It took me quite a while to decide if I should rather invest in some Saint Laurent / Gucci  strappy
sandals for summer 2013 or if I should stay grounded and go for a high street version.

High Street vs. High End.
Read a VERY interesting article about that specific topic by fellow blogger Sabrina/afterDRK.

BARCELONA: Top essentials for your Case

 photo 042_zpsbf2b6671.jpg  photo 091_zpseda3970b.jpg  photo 079_zps70b0353b.jpg  photo 024_zps88816fec.jpg

Jet-setting abroad this Summer: Top essentials for your Case
Whether you've had a summer holiday booked for months or you're planning on snapping up a last minute bargain, the idea of an escape to warmer shores is always a welcome concept. After working hard all year, why shouldn't you and the brood enjoy a week or two in the summer sun, enjoying the sea and sand as well as each other's company?
While many people will be content with packing the same summer wardrobe as the one they used for their holiday last year, others will appreciate a splash of new fashion and quite rightly so. With plenty of casual clothing on offer from George at ASDA, you don't have to spend much to fill your suitcase with some new threads that will look simply fantastic.
Rather than packing everything apart from the kitchen sink this year, pack with the mindset that less is more. Chances are you won't need everything that you think you'll need and you don't want to be landed with an unnecessary excess baggage charge. Make a checklist for you to stick by, which should include these essential items.

  • Sun Hat – Not only does it help to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun, but it will also protect your head from the harmful rays. Channel the inner Daisy Duke with this superb large-brimmed cowboy hat for a bargain.
  • Sunglasses – I think it's not a bad idea to invest in designer sunnies rather than to purchase many
    cheaper alternatives. I've never worn my no name sunnies that often as I am using my designer sunnies.
    And even with a simple look, the sunnies will stand out and round up the look.
  • Maxi Dress – A perfect option for a summer dress. Light and airy, it will look perfect as you take strolls along golden sands. Team with a pair of gladiator sandals to look effortlessly glam.
  • Sandals – Talking about sandals, take at least one pair. Sandals can fit into the smallest of spaces in your suitcase so don't worry if you do want to take more than one pair. The George cross strap sandals are a bargain and will suit any outfit, while a trusty pair of flip flops would look fab poolside.
  • Evening wear – Take the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your loved one on vacation and enjoy a date night or two. Pack some evening wear to look gorgeous after sundown as well as before, such as this Asymmetric Chiffon Dress or the sultry Moda Smudge Print Maxi Dress for swooping curves.
  • Swimwear – Fancy a dip in the pool? You'll need a costume, because you'll likely be asked to leave without one! Whether you choose an all-in-one swimsuit, bikini or tankini two-piece will depend on your individual style. Be sure to take a sarong too – they can often prove irreplaceable!

Of course, make sure you pack a good selection of casual clothing, such as shorts, vest tops and capped sleeve T's, and a jacket just in case it gets a little chilly during the evenings wouldn't go amiss.
Make the most of your time away and give yourself the opportunity to unwind and recharge your batteries. The sun, sea and sand should help!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BARCELONA: Kobe Bryant & the Beach

 photo 087_zpscdecbade.jpg  photo 050_zps5772acc0.jpg  photo 058_zps511aba13.jpg
Ph. Sara P.

Perfect threesome: Some braided hair, a Kobe Bryant Jersey & a lovely day at the beach.

BARCELONA: Braided Hair & Palm Bikini

 photo 044_zps5a2a0d31.jpg
 photo 017_zpsb7e2d979.jpg
 photo 006_zpse1d65d96.jpg
 photo 036_zpsc9a5562b.jpg
 photo 015_zps63d4b156.jpg
Ph. Sara P. 

There are a couple of things in life which always gest me. One of those things is spending the day
at the beach. It's one of the most peaceful activities on earth for me.

Bikini Top: Oysho - get it HERE
Bikini Bottom: Oysho - get it HERE

Monday, May 13, 2013

BARCELONA: Flirting with the wind

 photo 154_zpsa1e2aec0.jpg
 photo 102_zpsb18d16f2.jpg
 photo 082_zpsdf193841.jpg
 photo 076_zpsa4cb2a8b.jpg
 photo 045_zps442f8aeb.jpg
 photo 033_zps746662c3.jpg
Ph. Sara P.

There is nothing better than feeling a nice little summer breeze rushing through your hair
combined with the smell of the ocean. That's all I really asked for during my days in Barcelona.
You will barely spot me without carrying a cup of coffee after waking up. Morning addiction...!

Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Sunnies: Asos

Sunday, May 12, 2013

BARCELONA: Number Tee & Chanel 2.55

 photo 169_zps807b8e28.jpg  photo 206_zps5f981b4c.jpg
 photo 146_zpsf1d80d07.jpg
 photo 138_zps4723d8d8.jpg
 photo 231_zps688012d8.jpg
 photo 221_zps22db9265.jpg
 photo 176_zpsd80a091e.jpg
 photo 199_zps63dbd047.jpg
 photo 211_zps1b6dba47.jpg
Ph. Sara P. 

Spending the most beautiful time in Barcelona. It's my second time over here.
And I am still utterly insane in love with the vibe of it.  Dolce Vita to the fullest!
I am not going to lie, I didn't wear heels during the whole day. I switched for more comfortable
sandals after lunch. Nevertheless, these Alaia inspired heels are everything and more.
100 points goes to Zara, once again.

Number Tee: Topshop
Bag: Chanel 2.55 (borrowed from my friend)
Shoes: Alaia inspired - Zara
Hat: Topshop
Necklace: H&M

Friday, May 10, 2013

Next Stop - LAS VEGAS

 photo 128_zps136c38dd.jpg
 photo 115_zps9da90c54.jpg
Ph. Sara P.

I actually haven't been to Las Vegas, yet. Something which is definitely on my TO DO list.
A place which is also a shopping district aside from being known as a casino place.

I came across a lady named Lacey Jones. She is a known model but is also known as the
Poker Barbie. Making your living by gambling while wearing the most beautiful garments every night
is an idea which sounds pretty corny and romantic in the same moment.
I am picturing a pretty lady, smoking a cigarette while sitting in front of the table, wearing an
Vintage Versace Couture dress and a god damn poker face. Sounds appealing but more for a movie
scene. Las Vegas, see you soon.

Leather Jacket: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M
Number Tee: Nelly
Skirt: H&M Trend
Overknee Boots: Givenchy inspired - Zara

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

FEATURE: Marie Claire Thailand

 photo 922700_505493372850543_1580076023_n_zpsf51e387b.jpg
 photo 408520_505487872851093_542174070_n_zps20ecb0c2.jpg

Super thrilled and happy to be featured in the May issue of Marie Claire Thailand.
I teamed up with Lalalove London, a rising label which focuses on "psychedelic prints" this

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