Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birks on the rise.

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Ph. Me

Did we see it coming? Did we need it for a change? Haven't our feets be yelling for something
like this since seasons?
Ever since Phoebe Philo, "reinvented" a similar shape of the oh so old fashioned and Eco called
Birkenstock. When you look at her design, the foot bed has to be mink fur-lined.
Therefore it's on the dice that the fashion scene called her version "The Furkenstocks".

With a higher price range and a limited quantity, they will remain as a piece to lust for to many of us.

I am honest with you,  the bulky, old fashioned and (as men would say) unsexy shape really had to
grow on me. I hated them when I first saw them and I OH SO love them by now.
It think that Phoebe is really one of those people who can totally change the feeling about
aesthetic when it comes to fashion. She already proved it many times.

My parents might love the fact that I finally wear some healthy footwear.
Most of the men will hate it. And Me personally, I am so happy for that aesthetic change.
It's a huge opportunity for us ladies to still look smoking hot, to feel comfy and to be on point while wearing a bulky pair of flats. I am a bit over the feeling, of being in pain for hours only for the fact to
walk in skyhigh heels.
I will never quit wearing heels and I still believe that a woman's body can be put in the best shape by
wearing 5inch heels BUT I am happy that there are other options too. What about you?! xx
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Mia M. said...

ich liebe Birkenstocks schon seit Jahren :) bin viel zu Fuß unterwegs und in Amsterdam zB waren sie schon vor 5 Jahren "hip", deshalb bin ich froh, dass sie jetzt auch langsam (fast) überall akzeptiert sind :)



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