Friday, August 30, 2013

BERLIN: White Jumpsuit

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Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Simple and clean, yet flamboyant. An open back outfit is such a sexy statement, I wish, it would be
more wearable during my everyday looks. But hey why not, I love taking risks. What about you? xx

Jumpsuit: Aqua
Neopren Coat: Theory
Heels: Zara

Thursday, August 29, 2013

BERLIN: Cropped Sport Tops

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 photo 046_zpsb4e5ae53.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Me without any lipstick?! Almost unthinkable when I review the past years.
I just love to put the focus on my lips rather than to have some dramatic eye make-up.
Since I am getting older, I am more into real natural beauty. Minimal make-up, messy hair
and a big smile. That's what I want to look like. I am going to turn 27 next Tuesday which I am going
to celebrate in New York. In the process of getting older, we also learn to love ourselves, become
wiser and get more comfortable about who we are. What a nice process! xx

Jacket: Tailor Made
Cropped Top: Nike
Faux Leather Pants: H&M Trend
Sandals: & Other Stories

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

BERLIN: & Other Stories

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 photo 079_zps06256baa.jpg
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 photo 092_zpsdd6c5566.jpg
 photo 012_zps58b44f15.jpg
Ph. Tina H.

Guilty on that one. I did it again. Ordered some sky high heels. & Other Stories did an excellent
job by creating these sandals. Mixing leather and neoprene is genius. It's worth too suffer a little
when it comes to shoes which are just as beautiful as these. Ladies, do you feel me? xx

Sweater: Givenchy (Men AW'12)
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: & Other Stories
Bag: Alexander Wang inspired - Zara
Belt: Marni

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BERLIN: Boxy Knit & Sports Equipment

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 photo 1101_zps78a50b08.jpg
 photo 1104_zpsf6da12e8.jpg
 photo 1095_zps079cc490.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Elin Kling's vision of a boxy knit sweater which she designed for her very first season of  NOWHERE
is this creation which I am wearing in this post. It's one of my favorite pieces although there is already
a big whole in it since I wore it a billion times during my year in London. Even better to get closer
to a crunch look. Agree? xx

Boxy Knit: NOWHERE
Pants: Zara
Pumps: Zara
Bumbag: Nike

Sunday, August 18, 2013

BERLIN: Dallas James Varsity

 photo JuliaTrikotBlackbackside2_zps3950a708.jpg
 photo JuliaTrikotBlackportraitquer2_zpse9cb51a4.jpg
 photo JuliablackDresstotal3_zpsfc8635c6.jpg
 photo JuliaBlackdresssandals_zps8f5b024f.jpg
 photo JuliaTrikotBlackbackside_zps09caae94.jpg
Ph. Cartmann

Back to an 90's urban look which is something I will always go back to.
The nineties were my year when it comes to music. Starting from Aaliyah to Dru Hill ending with
Missy Elliot. Those artists truly inspired me on a higher level and I am still listening to their music which
is also inspiring my looks. What about you? xx

Oversized VAR$IT¥ T-shirt: Dallas James Varsity
Skort: Zara
Shoes: Birkenstock
23 Air Jordan Watch: Vintage Wilson
Limited Edition Lego Heart: Dee&Ricky x Curtis Kulig 
Leather Clutch: Vlieger and Vandam

Saturday, August 17, 2013

BERLIN: A "Love Story" started in 2011

 photo y7_zps97bf6ca4.jpg  photo YellowDressdetail2_zpsc4eeca9b.jpg
 photo Yellowdresstotalhochformat2_zps63653072.jpg
 photo y3_zps9439e8be.jpg
 photo YellowDressShoes_zpse2842f40.jpg
Ph. Cartmann

THREE FLOOR and Me. A "Love Story" which started in 2011 and hasn't been over since that.
Read an article about that "Love Affair" which I wrote in 2012. HERE HERE HERE ... Enjoy! xx

Sandals: H&M

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BERLIN: Laser Cut Leather

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 photo 058_zps910fd8a9.jpg
 photo 053_zps19d10b9e.jpg
 photo 044_zps97b90bcc.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Laser cut is on for a while already. It's something I am still into, especially when it comes to
leather pieces. Mixing two different laser cut leather pieces was pretty much fun. What do you think? xx

Laser Cut Leather Jacket: Asos
Top: H&M
Laser Cut Leather Skirt: Zara
Sandals: Ala├»a inspired - New Look

Monday, August 12, 2013

BERLIN: Shake the World.

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 photo 014_zps04dc75a6.jpg
 photo 022_zps3dc71ded.jpg
 photo 012_zps95eb393e.jpg
 photo 029_zpsa99a1c74.jpg
 photo 001_zps65f59bd4.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehmann


When I got an email a couple of weeks ago, if I wanted to participate in this new project called 
Shake the World – a project which builds social awareness to end poverty by fair trade bracelets 
– it took me about less than a millisecond (if that is even possible?!) to say yes.

Shake the World is about creating energy and positive vibe around the goals. 
Shake the World is not about being on track, or about winning or losing. Instead, Shake the World 
is about collaborating, spreading positive stories and ending poverty together.

It's really each and everyone of us who can help with as little or as much as possible. 
It's not only that I was born in Africa where those bracelets are made at, it's also that this project
truly belongs to my heart. Choose your bracelet now. There are eight different colors available.
Each color stands for a different problem. Lets shake the world. I am ready for a new trend. I want all my 
lovely followers, my friends and my family to wear at least one of these bracelets. It's for a good cause.
And even more important - It's definitely time to shake the world. Let's do it!! 

HERE        HERE       HERE       HERE          

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BERLIN: White and Neon

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 photo 052_zps994be80b.jpg
 photo 045_zpsa7f21e59.jpg
 photo 029_zpse5985bed.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Jumper: Zara
Jeans: Paige
Shoes: Weekday
Key Rings: CVS Berlin

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BERLIN: 17 New York

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 photo 022_zpsda94b8f3.jpg
 photo 043_zps7867d9ec.jpg
 photo 054_zpsc06a0f5e.jpg
Ph. Sara P.

Summer children need no sleep they say...! Spending the summer nights outside whit a great
company of close friends is definitely priceless. If I had to create a title for my look today,
it would simply go "Urban meets luxury."  I am off to bed. Good night world! xx

Jersey: randomly bought in Barcelona
Bag: Chanel 2.55 (borrowed from my friend)
Skirt: H&M Trend
Shoes: old Converse

Monday, August 5, 2013

BERLIN: Shades

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 photo 125_zps63ba588a.jpg
 photo 094_zpsaa2defe0.jpg  photo 129_zps638f0788.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Calling this post "Shades of Grey" would have been a bit too cliche and corny although it
would fit perfectly. I simply called it shades because that's what this dress is all about.
No need for fancy shoes or accessories. The full attention belongs to the "Shades of Grey".

Dress: Helmut Lang 


Saturday, August 3, 2013

BERLIN: Under Construction Work

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 photo 026_zpsf10702ae.jpg
 photo 069_zps0eed692d.jpg
 photo 058_zps95c7f63c.jpg
Ph. Sara P.

Day and Night... Cuz day and night!
When I was sitting in my brother's room last week, I instantly stopped chatting to him when
I spotted that Air Jordan watch which he used to wear as a child.
I begged him to make it mine. And here we go, my new watch. Love is in the AIR. 23!

Total Look: Zara
23 Air Jordan Watch: Vintage Wilson

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