Thursday, August 29, 2013

BERLIN: Cropped Sport Tops

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Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

Me without any lipstick?! Almost unthinkable when I review the past years.
I just love to put the focus on my lips rather than to have some dramatic eye make-up.
Since I am getting older, I am more into real natural beauty. Minimal make-up, messy hair
and a big smile. That's what I want to look like. I am going to turn 27 next Tuesday which I am going
to celebrate in New York. In the process of getting older, we also learn to love ourselves, become
wiser and get more comfortable about who we are. What a nice process! xx

Jacket: Tailor Made
Cropped Top: Nike
Faux Leather Pants: H&M Trend
Sandals: & Other Stories

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