Monday, August 12, 2013

BERLIN: Shake the World.

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Ph. Benedikt Lehmann


When I got an email a couple of weeks ago, if I wanted to participate in this new project called 
Shake the World – a project which builds social awareness to end poverty by fair trade bracelets 
– it took me about less than a millisecond (if that is even possible?!) to say yes.

Shake the World is about creating energy and positive vibe around the goals. 
Shake the World is not about being on track, or about winning or losing. Instead, Shake the World 
is about collaborating, spreading positive stories and ending poverty together.

It's really each and everyone of us who can help with as little or as much as possible. 
It's not only that I was born in Africa where those bracelets are made at, it's also that this project
truly belongs to my heart. Choose your bracelet now. There are eight different colors available.
Each color stands for a different problem. Lets shake the world. I am ready for a new trend. I want all my 
lovely followers, my friends and my family to wear at least one of these bracelets. It's for a good cause.
And even more important - It's definitely time to shake the world. Let's do it!! 

HERE        HERE       HERE       HERE          


Anonymous said...

Great post, great pictures and even greater vibe you spread through your passionate style of writing.

Thanks for shaking the world with us and being part of our movement.

Blessed to know somebody like you.

Founder Shake the World Germany

Marina said...

Lovely !

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,

we are very proud that you are starting to shake the world now. Keep on shaking; you can rely on our support. You chose wonderful colours of the bracelets you are wearing. A great project really.

Mom and Dad

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