Monday, September 2, 2013

Fashion Week Season / Dream BIG!

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Ph. during New York, London, Milan & Paris Fashion Week

What's left in this world if we don't run after or lets say, power walk after our dreams?
I heard that the twenties are our most egoistical years. This might be true.
We are in between settling down, becoming an adult and it's not our parents' who
are responsible for us anymore, they're still there to show us endless love but we are the ones who are responsible about making our dreams reality.
Speaking about dreams, some years ago, in 2009 to be exact, I applied for an internship in New York.
The company of my choice was a Fashion PR agency who asked me to help them during Fashion Week
Season. I remember that I called my mom from work that day, telling her about the phone interview
and that this was exactly what I always wanted to do and dreamt about.
Couple of days later, the company wrote me an email, telling me that they decided to take someone
else as their new intern. I was heart broken.
After I got myself back together, I went to NYC anyways. I spend about 4 months over there
and it was the greatest experience thus far. (The biggest THANK YOU goes out to my beloved
Grandma, who made this all possible for me.)
 Now, 4 years later, I am about to leave Berlin in a couple of hours to attend my 4th season of
New York Fashion Week. There was no company who ever invited me again in order to work
there for them, it was all build by myself and my dedicated work to my website.
During February this year, I even achieved to travel to all main Fashion Weeks, starting from
NYC to Paris. One month full of traveling.

And here I am again.

Living your dreams means a lot of courage. You have to take risks, to believe in your inner voice
even if people are telling you that you can't do this or that. Also loneliness, criticism, jealousy will find
you in that path. But also tons of love and faith.
It actually takes a lot to fight for your dreams and most important it takes a lot of patience.
Things won't happen over night but they will eventually happen after dedication and hard work.

Please do me a favour. Power walk after your dreams. There is nothing more important.

I am boarding as we speak. New York, Milan & Paris see you in a minute. 

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