Friday, September 27, 2013

PARIS: Tour Eiffel

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Ph. Martin Esso

Tour Eiffel and its massive beauty. It's already my 4th day in Paris.
For those who are following me on  Instagram, have might already seen the adventures
Paris was blessing me with. There are a lot of exclusive posts waiting for you.
A little fashion week break was desperately needed today.
Of course I had to visit the metal giant again and say hello. Beautiful! xx

T-Shirt: Air Jordan
Checked Shirt: Stradivarius
Embroidered Pants: Forever21
Shoes: &otherStories
Leather Bag: H&M Trend


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Emile said...

you are seriously a stunner. but did you photoshop those with paint? ;) don't try to make yourself thinner- it's such a breath of fresh air to see some plus size beauties among all those skinny bloggers. you certainly have that ghetto vibe. i love that. good luck to you, gorgeous. bisous.

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