Saturday, October 5, 2013

BERLIN: Denim on Denim never gets old

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Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

There are three key looks which never gets old. It's all black errrthang, denim on denim and
an all white look. Those looks will be a constant base.
Before posting more about my "Fashion Week Month", I wanted to share some pictures of me
being back in Berlin. Lets say back to reality. The first thing, I did when I came back was sleeping for
a whole day, having a meal of HEALTHY food and hanging around in sweat pants and flat shoes.

In a couple of days, I am going to leave Berlin again in order to attend Lisbon Fashion Week
which was actually the first Fashion Week I ever attended some years ago.
Always stay true to your roots! xx

Denim Shirt: ONLY
Denim Shirt (around my hips): Celine
Boyfriend Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Zara

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Efrutik said...

"all black errrthang" love that! But on a serious note, great look. Aber wie immer :-)

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