Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NEW YORK: Street Etiquette x SLUMFLOWER Exhibition

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Ph. Me / GQ 

Artist Statement  //    SLUMFLOWER started out as a seed idea that we had about two years ago, about the misconceptions formed about public housing. The story is centered around a 10-year old boy finding beauty and growth in the midst of concrete. Growing up watching video like Spike Lee’s “Clockers” (1995) or Nas’ “Nas is like” (1999)  I’m positive SLUMFLOWER wasn’t the image urban planner Robert Moses had in mind while planning the design and placement of public housing during 1950s New York City. It’s always been a mission of ours to tell a story through our editorials and brand – preferably one people haven’t heard of before. We were perfectly aware that the sight of twenty some odd immaculately dressed gentleman – and a baby faced cute kid – would lure people in. At the end of the editorial – and eventually the film – there are obvious questions to be asked, statements to be made, conversations to be had with varying opinions. But I guess that’s what art and creation is all about.
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Love the photos! the exhibition seems amazing!

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