Thursday, October 3, 2013

PARIS: FASKO Paris ANGELS T-Shirt x Geeksndfashion

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Ph. Boris Fasko 

I had the honor to shoot with the awesome team of FASKO Paris which is a very dynamic and talented young team of great minds. The limited edition of their ANGEL T-Shirts is a mix of cotton and faux
leather with two zippers attached on the sides. The T-Shirts are unisex. Make sure to get yours before they're sold out. It's hard to decide if I prefer the black or white version. What about you?
If you're a fan of Paris, you definitely have to get your hands on that icon hat, too.
Louvre, I adore you! xx

T-Shirt (black/white): FASKO Paris - get it HERE
Hat: FASKO Paris - get it HERE
White Shoes: Alexander Wang
Black Shoes: Ari Lamarr
Flower Headband: Beloe Zoloto 
Silk Scarf: Celine SS'13

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