Monday, December 30, 2013

BERLIN: Cupid's Arrow

 photo 28-12-20131_zps818a1a17.jpg
 photo Preview28-12-2013_zps09ae744c.jpg
 photo 28-12-20133_zpsf5be4fe0.jpg
 photo 28-12-20132_zpsecd0cbab.jpg
 photo 28-12-20134_zps17769b90.jpg
Ph. Freddie Mac / KannjiKilledSwag

What about going out in your most comfortable knitted piece which almost feels like your
pajama? Oh well, that's what I just did the other day. Combining sporty socks with heels is
giving me life lately. Do you feel it? xx

Blazer: Celine
Knitted Dress: Zara
Sweater: Zoe Karssen
Booties: DKNY
Socks: Nike

Sunday, December 22, 2013

BERLIN: Lethal Dose

 photo IMG_5375copy1_zpsd0eaa2dd.jpg
 photo IMG_5340copy1_zps651a2313.jpg
 photo IMG_5142copy_zps592a1298.jpg
 photo IMG_5068_zpsbdd6f8d9.jpg
 photo IMG_5195_zpsf6c79c5a.jpg
 photo IMG_5354copy_zpsdd465ba5.jpg
 photo IMG_5310copy_zps60f5ec38.jpg
 photo IMG_5358copy1_zps9df23f3a.jpg  photo IMG_5128copy_zpsec94db7f.jpg  photo IMG_4930copy_zpsc99ea740.jpg
Photographer: Freddie Mac / KannjiKilledSwag

Every strong picture is able to speak a thousand words. Some pictures yet tell us stories.
The story might be different to the eye of the beholder.
To me the story goes like this. There is a point in most of our lives when we stop worrying and just be.
For some of us the process takes longer, for others it seems that they are almost born that way.
Fearless. Adorning. Enlightening. Provocative.  That's what these pictures are telling me.
What are they telling you?

Wearing:    A special customized silk robe for geeksndfashion in a collaboration of
                   Victoria's Secret and Swarovski

2013 marks the 11th year that Swarovski is the exclusive crystal sponsor of the Victoria's Secret 
Fashion Show. To celebrate the dazzling partnership, Swarovski, together with Victoria's Secret, has incorporated a new 3D printing process to their creations. This has resulted in an incredible high-tech costume that was seen in the breathtaking Snow Angel section of the show. Designed by architect 
Bradley Rothenberg from world-leading 3D print company, Shapeways, the costume was made to precisely fit Lindsay Ellingson from a 3D scan of her form. Next, 3D computer printing technology was used to create the geometric filigree characteristics of the design's snowflake motif chick was encrusted with millions of illuminating Swarovski Crystals.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


 photo 032_zps67558c93.jpg
 photo unnamed1_zps71b1dbcf.jpg
 photo 033_zps68aade0f.jpg
Ph. Benedikt Lehman

When I met Dru  my graphic designer in New York, he made me one of the greatest gifts in a while.
Something so thoughtful and personal that I had immediately teary eyes. He and his mom, (read
more below), made this beautiful bracelet for me with a statement that is following my path for years
now - "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love".

AQUABEET - Jewelry that speaks to you.

All aquabeet jewelry is handcrafted of sterling silver. Each piece is cut, hammered, drilled, stamped,
sanded, oxidized & polished.

Amy has been an artist as long as she can remember. Such as her incredible son Dru, who not only
became a friend of mine but is also a part of my team now.
Although she now makes jewelry & works with copper, she has worked in many different media.
As Amy Volchok would say, "Always remember... ART IS ESSENTIAL."

Thursday, December 19, 2013


 photo IMG_48601_zps936129d2.jpg
 photo IMG_4842copy_zpsda035c09.jpg
 photo IMG_4857copy_zpsdbc1121b.jpg
Ph. Freddie Mac / Kannji Killed Swag

And another creative mind who crossed my path. Berlin dearly welcomes Freddie from Atlanta.
We are oh so ready to create together. Much more to come. xx

Coat: H&M Trend
T-Shirt: Vogue Cover - DIY (2009)
Dress: Asos
Shoes: Miista
Leather Tote: Alexander Wang


Saturday, December 14, 2013

BERLIN: Winter Breeze

 photo 016_zpsf24b7b0a.jpg
 photo 087_zpsf4d16f03.jpg
 photo 073_zps9b901a0d.jpg
 photo 044_zps6c6a57f3.jpg
 photo 019_zps36a7730a.jpg
Ph. Tina H.

Winter is actually right here but for some reason it doesn't even bother as much as it used to
during all the years before. I just wrapped myself in some cozy layers. xx

Wool Jacket: Surface To Air
Pendleton Poncho: Asos
T-Shirt: Washington Redskins Vintage
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Zara

Friday, December 13, 2013

NEW YORK: Street Art by Bradley Theodore

 photo 017_zps9c23e05b.jpg
 photo 015_zps813a69e7.jpg
Ph. Me / Private

Anna Wintour hearts Karl Lagerfeld. Street art by Bradley Theodore.
What a beautiful statement which we almost missed while strolling around New York's streets by night.

Leather Jacket: Diesel Black Gold
Dollar Print Body: Weekday
Waxed Pants: Zara
Shoes: Miista
Headband: Vintage Bandanna

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NEW YORK: The Mercer

 photo julia1crop1_zps011a917f.jpg
 photo julia2crop1_zps21e8e1e7.jpg
 photo julia2_zpsdf422669.jpg  photo julia4_zps4ada1dad.jpg
 photo julia3_zpse1cdac3d.jpg
Ph. Zeko Eon Photographer

This time I teamed up with Zeko, a young talented photographer based in New York.

I was wearing a quite simply look when it comes to the color combination, yet a very loud one
when you're considering the details and fabrics. I love to wrap myself  in white.
There will be a pretty exciting project very soon. Stay tuned. xx

Python Print Fabric Blazer: Celine
Python Print Top: Evil Twin
Pants: Ari Lamarr
Shoes: Miista 
Leather Tote: Alexander Wang
Beanie: American Apparel


Sunday, December 8, 2013

NEW YORK: Grand Central Terminal

 photo IMG_18031_zpsaa98d223.jpg
 photo IMG_1827_zpsd946e8f9.jpg
 photo IMG_1854_zpsf72ea660.jpg  photo IMG_1844_zps347c6de1.jpg
 photo IMG_1837_zpsb631560c.jpg
Ph. Marcel Severino 

I like to work with different creative individuals in order to create. It was my true pleasure to meet
Marcel Severino and to be able to work with him. He is not only extremely talented but also
sweet and giving. It's a gift to have those kind of people around me.

New York is the city where I am finding myself over and over again. You might have noticed it.
But my roots are based in Africa, Tanzania to be exact. Since I was born in Africa, the whole
culture and artwork inspires me in every single way. I am so grateful that my parents just gifted me
those traditional maasai necklaces which I simply adore. What do you think? xx

Leather Jacket: Diesel Black Gold
Neoprene Dress: Zara
Booties: Zara
Maasai Necklace: traditional artwork 


Saturday, December 7, 2013

NEW YORK: Crosby Street

 photo 054_zpscac1a3e8.jpg
 photo 035_zpsac56681a.jpg
 photo 017_zps4b701cde.jpg
Ph. Jean J. 

Black and White layering never fails. That's a typical look, I see myself in, for an every day stroll
through the city. Thanks dear weather god, for blessing us with such mild temperatures during December. xx

Leather Jacket: Diesel Black Gold
White Blazer: Celine 
Dress: Zara
Oversized Top: Zara
White Leather Tote: Alexander Wang
Shoes: Miista
Nacklace & Hat: my friend's


Monday, December 2, 2013

NEW YORK: Central Park Native

 photo GF_8_96_zps70176782.jpg
 photo GF_9_96_zpsd5efd0c1.jpg
 photo GF_7_96_zps24074de6.jpg
 photo GF_2_96_zpsba604e25.jpg
 photo GF_6_96_zps7c05d602.jpg
 photo GF_4_96_zpsa51bedd1.jpg
 photo GF_5_96_zps461163ad.jpg
 photo GF_10_961_zps32a8685f.jpg
 photo IMG_7181_zps9e94732e.jpg
Ph. WickFlickPhotography  / Hair & Make-Up: Erika Dickstein

Fashion meets Art. New York Central Park meets Native American.

Bomber Jacket: Vintage (bought in Paris)
Jersey Dress: T by Alexander Wang
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
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