Sunday, December 22, 2013

BERLIN: Lethal Dose

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Photographer: Freddie Mac / KannjiKilledSwag

Every strong picture is able to speak a thousand words. Some pictures yet tell us stories.
The story might be different to the eye of the beholder.
To me the story goes like this. There is a point in most of our lives when we stop worrying and just be.
For some of us the process takes longer, for others it seems that they are almost born that way.
Fearless. Adorning. Enlightening. Provocative.  That's what these pictures are telling me.
What are they telling you?

Wearing:    A special customized silk robe for geeksndfashion in a collaboration of
                   Victoria's Secret and Swarovski

2013 marks the 11th year that Swarovski is the exclusive crystal sponsor of the Victoria's Secret 
Fashion Show. To celebrate the dazzling partnership, Swarovski, together with Victoria's Secret, has incorporated a new 3D printing process to their creations. This has resulted in an incredible high-tech costume that was seen in the breathtaking Snow Angel section of the show. Designed by architect 
Bradley Rothenberg from world-leading 3D print company, Shapeways, the costume was made to precisely fit Lindsay Ellingson from a 3D scan of her form. Next, 3D computer printing technology was used to create the geometric filigree characteristics of the design's snowflake motif chick was encrusted with millions of illuminating Swarovski Crystals.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jules
beautiful shoot and mention to Swarovsky and Victoria's Secret.
naturally your shoot is a very sexy and provocative one but I find it, and how you explain it, very authentic.

Thank you!

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