Friday, October 31, 2014

MOVING // Hello new chapter!

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It has been more than 4 years since I wrote my first post on geeks nd fashion and my digital baby was born. 
It is the project I've been involved in for the longest amount of time in my life. My blog has lasted longer than most things I was ever working on in my entire life. Though geeks nd fashion has slowly been growing into a thing on its own and has outgrown the format of just a blog since I don't see it that way anymore. There is so much more exciting things I want to share with you, especially after I finally made my biggest dream come true which is living and working in NEW YORK.

Thank you all so much  for reading and being with me all these years. The best thing about running this blog has been meeting so many of you talented readers and making a lot of new friends. It was often a very tough and stressful journey, yet one of the biggest achievements of my life and I feel very blessed that I am able to work on what I love. 
So thank you all for stopping by each time and for giving me the drive to never stop no matter what since early 2010. 
I can honestly say that I love you! 

Please do come and take a look at our new digital place which will be running live very soon! Stay tuned.
There are a lot of new updates waiting! 
I've been working hard on it the last months together with a very talented team and can not be more excited to finally 
share a first glimpse with you! JML stands for Julia Miriam Lang which is my full name.

NEW WEBSITE coming soon

Thursday, October 16, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Wall Street Pt.1

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Ph: Anthony Willis

It was my absolute pleasure to collaborate with Anthony who isn't only very talented in
what he does which is photography but also happen to be really fun to work with.
He made me float over Wall Street. Can't wait to work with him again.
I am wearing a combination of some oldies but goldies. I've own this silky Wang dress
for years and those red heels, man I don't have know for how long they have been mine.
I really try to not consume as much anymore and just make a look work with what I can find
in my wardrobe. Let's see how long I am actually going to stick to it...! x

Silk Dress: Alexander Wang
Jacket: Tailor Made
Leather Pants: H&M Trend
Croc Leather Backpack: Sanya V Jain
Heels: Zara

Friday, October 10, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Living on the edge

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 photo Jean2_zpsbcca68bb.jpg
Ph. Jean Joffe Joe

Those kind of photo shoots where you are actually sitting on the edge of a building and you're
feeling free like a bird yet almost shitting your own pants because it's so damn scary that I am even
dreaming about it. But the moment of sitting there and it feels like whole Manhattan is to your feet
is priceless and most of all very inspiring. I am this person, I need adventures in my life with no limitations.
What about you?

Jacket: Photographer's Personal Piece
Cropped Shirt: H&M Trend
High Waist Pants: Asos
Heels: Nelly

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


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Ph. Me / Nylon Magazine

Nylon Magazine is known for throwing great events, so it wasn't really surprising that the
IT GIRL Prom event was a blast. My very favorite downtown sweetheart Vashtie Kola was
spinning the tables. It's always lovely to see her.
I also run into my friend Christina who I've been knowing for years but never really had the
time to actually sit down with her for a coffee which we have to change immediately.
Thanks for having me NYLON!

Silk Dress: Alexander Wang
Lace Bra: Topshop

Monday, October 6, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Rooftop Vibes

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 photo JULIA_M_3_150_aEditNEW_zps487a8abd.jpg
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Ph. Erika Dickstein | HAGUE N.Y.C

There comes a time in almost every woman's life where she decides to only listen to her inner 
voice. No one could stop her to do what she wants and feels like. That's exactly how I am
feeling right now.This might be due to the fact that I am in New York, and you know, 
my love story for NYC isn't something brand new on the table, so I will rather stop that one right here.
But seriously, I was often afraid of showing too much skin or of doing this and that for the one 
or another reason but actually hold on a second... Who is making those rules in our society or is it us who are afraid of being judged in a certain way. Then look at women such as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe who indeed showed us some little skin action here and there. We haven't forgot about them in decades.There are voices like"You are better than this, why showing so much skin..." And I am like, what is "this". 
I express myself as I feel like and visuals are art to me, there is nothing wrong with using your skin,
the skin that you were born in to express art. There are certain limits for me which might not be a  limit
for others which is certainly o.k. New York always gives me the most confidence, so why not embracing
it and be happy with the skin you are in?! Yes, exactly. xx

Jumpsuit: AW14 STUDIO H&M
Bathrobe Coat: AW14 STUDIO H&M
Croc Leather Heels: Nelly


Friday, October 3, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Harlem African Market

 photo GEEKSFSHNampAFRICANMKT_15_96_zps32af0cdc.jpg
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 photo GEEKSFSHNampAFRICANMKT_8_96_zps11ea1470.jpg
 photo GEEKSFSHNampAFRICANMKT_3_96_zps44c65ed7.jpg
 photo GEEKSFSHNampAFRICANMKT_4_96_zps4ade3af4.jpg
 photo GEEKSFSHNampAFRICANMKT_2_96_zps77a9c6b5.jpg
Ph. Erika Dickstein

When I first arrived to NYC around 4 weeks ago I had brunch with two of my friends when
one of them spontaneously took me to the African Market in Harlem. Back to the roots, I guess.
It was one of these days were you could barely breath, the humidity can be ridiculous in New York.
My hair can tell you a story, tho. x
T-Shirt: DIY
Jeans: Zara
Suede Bag: Saint Laurent AW'14
Sandals: Zara
Bracelet: Saint Laurent
Velvet Hat: Naviiv
Sunnies: Celine


Saturday, September 27, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Damir Doma Walk

 photo IMG_7118_zps0066ff82.jpg
 photo IMG_7085_zpsc9114418.jpg
 photo IMG_7079_zps1d4e9dbe.jpg
 photo IMG_7108_zps39cef711.jpg
 photo IMG_7101_zpse1164fde.jpg
 photo IMG_7069_zpsd3eb7abe.jpg
 photo IMG_7121_zps93d77768.jpg
 photo IMG_7081_zps776b834b.jpg
Ph. Milo Fynn

While in any other city I usually scout locations for my photo shoots, in NYC it almost feels like every
singlecorner is the perfect spot. It just happens so naturally. I really can't help it. This city and me are
sharing an endless love story. x

Python Print Blazer: Celine
Khaki Top: Damir Doma
Croc Leather Backpack: Sanya V Jain
Pants: Zara
Ponyhair Shoes: Zara
Bracelet: Saint Laurent
Sunnies: Celine

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Fresh out of the shower

 photo JEANEdit1_zpscb4039ec.jpg
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 photo JEANEdit3_zps17204cb4.jpg
 photo JEANEdit7_zpsa7c36da5.jpg
 photo JEANEdit4_zps93aca603.jpg
Ph. Jean Joffe Joe

This is a visual story through some sidewalks in SoHo New York. x

Bathrobe Coat: AW'14 STUDIO H&M Collection
Lace Bra: COS
Ripped Jeans: Zara
Leather Vans: Vault Vans


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