Monday, February 17, 2014

NEW YORK: Bowery Houston Mural | Maya Hayuk

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Ph. Drew Villani | Dru Ritger
While New Yorker’s have been hunkering down with the recent cold spell, Maya Hayuk has been doing the opposite while working at the high profile corner of Bowery and Houston. Taking time to step back and analyze her work every now and then, the Brooklyn-based artist creates her vibrant patterns based on her ideas on color theory. The new mural will make a welcome distraction from the dreary winter for NYC art lovers. Stop by for a look yourself if you can, and make sure you take a look at what her drip technique did to the snow and ground at the base of the wall.

Parka: my friend's
Pants: Zara
Hat: Impfstoff
Shoes: Zara


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