Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BERLIN: Summer on my mind

 photo summerfashion_zpsd7ffe75b.jpgIt's almost time to put the bulky winter clothes away and break out your fun summer outfits.
Fashion shows with the latest warm-weather styles are in full swing, and designers are filling stores
with their latest creations.

Colors and Prints
If  Vogue's coverage of Berlin Fashion Week proves anything, it's that this summer will definitely see 
an increase of bright, secondary colours (purples, greens, and oranges). Floral and animal prints, as well as neutral-coloured geometric patterns, will adorn modern bohemian styles to create a feminine and flowing look. If you prefer to be slightly more reserved in your style, white and beige tones will also be popular options, especially when paired with different fabrics. You can still make your outfit pop, and branch out from your comfort zone a little, with a fun pair of shoes, or patterned handbag.  

The Materials
As  Marks & Spencer  has accentuated in their new Spring/Summer '14 collection, heavy laces and neutral colored, lighter leathers can give your outfit a lasting impression. Your leather piece will look exceptionally striking if you combine it with a visually contrasting materials such as silk. The contrast of the bold leather with a softer fabric will give you a strong look, while still remaining feminine.

The Fit
Straight silhouettes with relaxed layers have finally gotten a posh makeover since their reign in the '90s. Thicker materials worn loosely will give you a relaxed, but put together appearance, and the airy feel will keep you cool during the summer months.  One newer style that should fit as a more tailored piece is the trend of the exposed midriff. Elle laid out different executions of the new look from this year's Paris Fashion Week. The main key to pulling off this look (so that it doesn't look like underwear) is to match the pattern of the top and bottom pieces, while making sure that the bottom piece is a longer skirt, or high-waisted pair of shorts/pants. The thin section of skin exposed is usually right above the most narrow point of your midriff. 

The Accessories
With the use of heavier materials and more layers this summer, too many accessories can quickly muddle up an otherwise perfect look. Besides a simple purse to complement your ensemble, leave your larger accessories and jewelry pieces at home this season.
However, no fashionista would consider leaving home without a fabulous pair of summer shoes. Try a pair of mules. The trend for geometric and floral patterns continues to your fancy footwear, as well as '70s inspired colors such as mustard yellow, wood brown, and burnt orange. 
Summer is the perfect time to try something new! Maybe you can't add all of these new fashions to your wardrobe this season, but with these daring designs, just a few pieces are all you need to create a bold new look of your own.

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