Saturday, May 31, 2014

BUDAPEST: City Of Spas

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Ph. Herbert Lang

While I spent some refreshing days with my family in Budapest it was a must to visit a spa bath.
Budapest isn't called "The City Of Spas" for now reason tho.
We were lucky enough to have the weather on our side. Before tanning all day and multiples sweatbaths,
I had a true desire to wear nothing than some flowers around my messy hair and a folklore inspired dress.
No need for shoes or anything else. xx

Dress: H&M Trend
Flower Headband: Yulia Prokhorova


Thursday, May 29, 2014

BERLIN: Olympus OM-D Photography Playground 2014 | PART 3

 photo Olympus-Photography-Playground-2014-1010187-800x600_zpsae682ad5.jpg
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Ph. Stefan Dotter

Something about this laser installation which totally entranced me.
It's a mixture of  futuristic vibes, magical effects and something extremely surreal.
I loved how the laser lights were embellishing my body. Therefore it was a perfect choice to
wear this clean white lace dress by THREE FLOOR. xx

Saturday, May 24, 2014

BERLIN: Olympus OM-D Photography Playground 2014 | PART 2

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 photo Stefan2_zps8160b250.jpg  photo Stefan1_zps08c4ee4d.jpg
 photo Stefan16_zpseca12506.jpg
Ph. Stefan Dotter

Installation: Moving Together by Maser

Polaroid Camera. 3-D. Op Art. Vintage. Intense. Surreal.
What else comes to your mind by watching these pictures?


Friday, May 23, 2014

BERLIN: Olympus OM-D Photography Playground 2014 | PART 1

 photo big_zps7307b4a5.jpg
 photo Stefan7_zpsc247d06c.jpg  photo Stefan4_zpsfc8657c9.jpg  photo Stefan5_zps9464f51b.jpg  photo Stefan3_zps85b72f0a.jpg  photo Stefan6_zps1b927c02.jpg
Ph. Stefan Dotter

Installation Epiphyte Membrane by Philip Beesley

Now in its second year the Photography Playground consists of a series of 9 installations from 
international artists that are intended to be both visually striking and interactive.
Product placement, something which wouldn't come to your mind while scrolling down my post,
yet it's all about it. The fact that the play­ground was cre­ated to exhibit the mul­tiple uses of the
Olym­pus OM-D EM10 totally provides it. And this is actu­ally one of the best ideas. 
Yet we didn't even shoot with it and brought our own equipment. (blink of an eye) 

I had the ultimate pleasure to finally meet and create with the very talented and lovely 
Stefan Dotter who isn't only a photographer to watch but also the creative director of 
White Lies MagazineMore to come in PART 2, 3 and ...

Bomber Jacket: Vintage (bought in Paris)
Dress: Three Floor SS'14
Boots: Givenchy inspired | by Zara
Bracelet: Saint Laurent


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


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Ph. Benedikt Lehmann

The awkwardness of playing with my hair way too often...
Other than that, I was wearing a beautiful white crop top by THREE FLOOR which is a must for summer, my new Opening Ceremony slip ons combined with these badass sunnies by Peter Pilotto gifted by my friend Jane. xx

Crop Top: Three Floor
Knitted Sweater: Topshop
Boyfriend Jeans: Zara
Slip Ons: Opening Ceremony
Sunnies: Peter Pilotto


Thursday, May 15, 2014

BERLIN: #ApprovedBoost with adidas Pure BOOST

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Ph. Tina H.

"Picture the best run you’ve ever had. Now picture it lighter, faster and with more energy. 
The all-new boost™ mid sole on these shoes gives you an amazingly soft and bouncy feel that isn’t over-cushioned, so you can run right past your current PB before you even knew you passed it." - promised adidas and FootlockerEU

And as far as I can tell the sneaker is the most comfortable one I've ever worn.
Now you will say, wait a moment. You're wearing those shoes for an outfit post - what about an
actual running session? I was actually about to post a sports special weeks ago but somehow never
managed to get it done for one or another reason. Running and working out gives me pleasure and belongs
to my lifestyle. It's truly a huge challenge to stick to it at times but whenever I get my ass up, I am one of the
most enthusiastic persons after. Sometimes you get such an adrenalin rush after working out that it almost makes you addicted. But as you can clearly tell, I am by far not at a level where I am doing too much sports. I used to wear nike free run 3.0 during my running sessions which was fine until I've had the chance to experience the adidas Pure BOOST. It's most definitely my new best friend when it comes to running and
not to mention the bad ass look you're able to create while wearing them in your everyday life. xx

Coat: H&M Trend
Top: Asos
High waist Pants: Mango 
Leather Tote: Alexander Wang
Hat: Impfstoff
Bracelet: Saint Laurent, Bernard James, Aquabeet

Get your adidas Pure BOOST:

Monday, May 12, 2014

BUDAPEST: Fisherman's Bastion

 photo Edit5_zps483b7c20.jpg  photo Edit2_zpsb9a58858.jpg  photo Edit4_zps03c7fbcc.jpg  photo Edit6_zps7a2e9c9c.jpg
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 photo Edit1_zps87334e74.jpg  photo Edit3_zps82b41c86.jpg
Ph. Herbert, Simon Lang 

Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest is one of the top Budapest attractions without a doubt. The Fisherman’s Bastion were built in the 19th century to serve as a lookout tower for the best panoramic views in Budapest, Hungary. It's a very harmonic and peaceful place. xx

Sheer Top: H&M Trend
Skinny Pants: Paige Denim
Heels: & Other Stories
Sunnies: John Brown Paris
Cross Body Bag: Zara
Bracelets: Saint Laurent, Bernard James, Aquabeet
Rings: H&M


Friday, May 9, 2014

BUDAPEST: The Parliament

 photo Edit88_zps7d7824cd.jpg photo Edit888_zps6fe3659f.jpg  photo Edit133_zpsb2781249.jpg  photo Edit122_zps97c8bc22.jpg  photo Edit_zps2cfbb809.jpg   photo Edit33_zpsa7ecb4c6.jpg  photo Edit111_zpse158303a.jpg  photo Edit999_zpsd3123b50.jpg Ph. Herbert Lang 

It's my very first time visiting Budapest and my first impression is pretty lovely. The architecture is breathtaking. The weather is on point and we walked almost 10K around the cities' most beautiful places. My legs are feeling a bit sore today which isn't too bad since summer is almost here and my perfect bikini body needs a (tiny) bit more work. Got a little tan too. Having a coffee while we're talking and then back on Budapest's roads to discover more places and faces. xx

 Linen Coat: H&M Trend
Vintage T-Shirt: Celtics NBA
Waxed Pants: Zara
Sandals: Zara
Sunnies: Prada
Body cross Bag: H&M


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