Thursday, May 15, 2014

BERLIN: #ApprovedBoost with adidas Pure BOOST

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Ph. Tina H.

"Picture the best run you’ve ever had. Now picture it lighter, faster and with more energy. 
The all-new boost™ mid sole on these shoes gives you an amazingly soft and bouncy feel that isn’t over-cushioned, so you can run right past your current PB before you even knew you passed it." - promised adidas and FootlockerEU

And as far as I can tell the sneaker is the most comfortable one I've ever worn.
Now you will say, wait a moment. You're wearing those shoes for an outfit post - what about an
actual running session? I was actually about to post a sports special weeks ago but somehow never
managed to get it done for one or another reason. Running and working out gives me pleasure and belongs
to my lifestyle. It's truly a huge challenge to stick to it at times but whenever I get my ass up, I am one of the
most enthusiastic persons after. Sometimes you get such an adrenalin rush after working out that it almost makes you addicted. But as you can clearly tell, I am by far not at a level where I am doing too much sports. I used to wear nike free run 3.0 during my running sessions which was fine until I've had the chance to experience the adidas Pure BOOST. It's most definitely my new best friend when it comes to running and
not to mention the bad ass look you're able to create while wearing them in your everyday life. xx

Coat: H&M Trend
Top: Asos
High waist Pants: Mango 
Leather Tote: Alexander Wang
Hat: Impfstoff
Bracelet: Saint Laurent, Bernard James, Aquabeet

Get your adidas Pure BOOST:

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