Sunday, June 29, 2014

Conceptual Neon Artist Olivia Steele

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Is contrast the greatest teacher?

Conceptual neon artist, Olivia Steele uses neon lighting to charge the space with ironic and spiritual meaning. A native of Nashville , Tennessee and resident of London and Berlin, Steele's work ranges from small to large installations that employ the traditional commercial medium of neon glass to make intimate statements and to question modern culture. In dialogue with mediums such as facades, rivers, taxidermy and photographs she tells short stories that evoke thought while enlightening the scenery with  elaborate handwriting in neon glass.
I would love to have her art in my apartment. Actually something to invest in. Agree? xx

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Efrutik said...

Agreed! I actually have an affinity for neon-light scribbles. They are just so prominent !

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