Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BERLIN: Fine Rib

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Ph. Ersin K.

There is something about simplicity and effortlessness which I am obsessed with at the very
moment. I guess, I've always been. My number one rule was always that a dress shouldn't wear you. You should wear the dress. This might be difficult at times when it comes to super extraordinary outstanding designer creations but then it also depends on the way of styling it and about the way you carry yourself. I am sure that there have been plenty of pieces which owned me which is unfortunate. Yet the older you get and the more you get to know yourself the easier it seems to break it down and show yourself rather than putting a mask on. Since New York Fashion Week is just around the corner which also means the looks are going to be a tiny bit more experimental... Haha! We'll see who is going to wear who...
The look against personality! Let's see who is going to make it?! xx

Fine Rib Jumpsuit: TRF Zara
Lace Bra: COS
Bracelet: Saint Laurent
Metallic Shoes: Zara


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