Saturday, September 27, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Damir Doma Walk

 photo IMG_7118_zps0066ff82.jpg
 photo IMG_7085_zpsc9114418.jpg
 photo IMG_7079_zps1d4e9dbe.jpg
 photo IMG_7108_zps39cef711.jpg
 photo IMG_7101_zpse1164fde.jpg
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 photo IMG_7121_zps93d77768.jpg
 photo IMG_7081_zps776b834b.jpg
Ph. Milo Fynn

While in any other city I usually scout locations for my photo shoots, in NYC it almost feels like every
singlecorner is the perfect spot. It just happens so naturally. I really can't help it. This city and me are
sharing an endless love story. x

Python Print Blazer: Celine
Khaki Top: Damir Doma
Croc Leather Backpack: Sanya V Jain
Pants: Zara
Ponyhair Shoes: Zara
Bracelet: Saint Laurent
Sunnies: Celine

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Fresh out of the shower

 photo JEANEdit1_zpscb4039ec.jpg
 photo JEANEdit6_zps068baffe.jpg
 photo jeanEdit12_zps2625c2ba.jpg
 photo JEANEdit10_zps08ec8f39.jpg
 photo jeanEdit13_zps5ab1b451.jpg
 photo JEANEdit2_zpsf9e0867b.jpg
 photo jeanEdit9_zps5a86aa7d.jpg
 photo JEANEdit8_zps79ce437a.jpg
 photo JEANEdit3_zps17204cb4.jpg
 photo JEANEdit7_zpsa7c36da5.jpg
 photo JEANEdit4_zps93aca603.jpg
Ph. Jean Joffe Joe

This is a visual story through some sidewalks in SoHo New York. x

Bathrobe Coat: AW'14 STUDIO H&M Collection
Lace Bra: COS
Ripped Jeans: Zara
Leather Vans: Vault Vans


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: People were screaming Michael Jackson!

 photo MJ25_zpsa4988279.jpg  photo IMG_71761_zps652b2a12.jpg  photo IMG_72322_zpsfa027de9.jpg  photo MJ23_zps6ee1a034.jpg  photo IMG_71881_zps26e9ba55.jpg  photo IMG_72631_zps696900e7.jpg  photo MJ22_zpsb23c6598.jpg  photo IMG_71771_zpsbce54d4e.jpg  photo MJ26_zps1b6c8d46.jpg
Ph. Milo Fynn

Challenging my inner Michael Jackson or is it David Bowie.
I haven’t admire a fit as much as this one in a while. It’s a head turner and a „OH WOW, who made that…“ kinda look. Yet the answer is very simple and surprising.
I was scrolling down my Instagram one day during New York Fashion Week when I stumbled upon
Solange Knowels latest update on which she was rocking an oversized blue ish shimmering suit.
It made my heart beat fast. When I was reading the caption, saying H&M Studio AW14, I was done…

Due to some crazy  schedule during nyfw and appointments after, I wasn’t able to hit the store
the day the STUDIO AW14 collection arrived. Gladly the suit was still available once I was able to
make my way out there. And I am loving it so much. Team it up with simple strappy heels or 
with white leather high top vans and you’re dressed like a rock star. What more can I say, the entire
AW14 STUDIO collection is on point. Madly deeply in love! xx


Friday, September 19, 2014

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: DAY 6 - Diesel Black Gold SS'15

 photo DieselPost1_zps0d4b7051.jpg
 photo AWleather_zpse0181f89.jpg  photo DieselPost4_zps4fd899b1.jpg
 photo DieselPost2_zps241a19cf.jpg
 photo 1089__FIO0110_zps01d36a79.jpg  photo 1095_ARM_5520_zps499d5bd4.jpg  photo 1068__FIO9905_zps5f40eb64.jpg
 photo DieselPost3_zpsfaddad35.jpg
 photo DieselPost51_zps4ca5dafd.jpg
Ph. Crystal W.

NEW YORK, NY – September , 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. have announced the partnership with Diesel Black Gold on a unique show collaboration featuring the new Samsung Gear S. The partnership between Samsung and Diesel Black Gold embodies the union of innovative, design-conscious technologies with a contemporary and unique fashion exosphere. 
Come on, how bad ass is that collaboration? Your clutch attached to this next generation Samsung Gear S.
YES! Please more of it. The Diesel Black Gold SS'15 show was dominated by itsy bitsy tiny crop tops or
let's say bralets. I am definitely a big fan of it especially when they come in embroidered leather.

I was wearing another masterpiece by Karen Jessen, she knows how to make a girl stand out. x

Cut Out Dress: Karen Jessen
Shirt: Asos
Leather Backpack: Alexander Wang
Hat: Impfstoff
Shoes: Zara
Socks: Asos

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Every Day is the Perfect Day.

 photo Julia_zps695652ec.jpg
 photo IMG_6891_zpsb57ca7c3.jpg  photo DarkLips_zps4687a6ad.jpg
 photo IMG_6904_zps5526349b.jpg
 photo IMG_6893_zpsc42e729c.jpg
Ph. Milo S.

Even a rainy day is the perfect day in New York. I teamed up with Joanne Stoker once again.
A high-end shoe designer from London who I've been working with since a couple of
seasons already.  That white fur pompom which is attached on the shoelace gives me life. Bravo Joanne!

Shirt Dress: H&M
Leather Belt: MARNI
Sunnies: Celine
Croc Leather Backpack: Sanya V Jain
Bracelet: Saint Laurent


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


 photo MarinaCloseUp1_zps3ee9e907.jpg
 photo MarinaSunSet_zpsf88e6553.jpg
 photo MarinaSunset11_zps8f4d8402.jpg
 photo MarinaPiece_zps7ee61e09.jpg
 photo Edit1_zps89cfe70b.jpg
 photo marinaback_zps1dce9166.jpg
 photo marinadouble_zps76c1ff49.jpg
 photo MarinaWalk_zpse5e8a1a7.jpg
Ph. Theo J. & Jasmin F.

This was one of my very experimental looks during SS15 New York Fashion Week.
I guess, you either love or hate it. Back in Berlin when I had the pleasure to meet the designer
Marina Hoermanseder in hers showroom for a fitting, the men's collection caught my attention, especially this leather shoulder piece which makes me feel like a bad ass rugby player. I decided to team it up with a very romantic, yet futuristic floral maxi dress by LalaLove London, a brand which I am working with since almost 2 years. Seems like the perfect fit for me when ever I want to show my bold side. I am usually always in the mood for bold pieces during Fashion Week season, not to show off or to put on a costume, more like recreating with my clothes what I am feeling deep inside during that hectic, yet so exciting weeks.

I was walking through the Meatpacking District after a long day of shows and appointments,
when my good friend Theo captured this beautiful sunset moment. The golden hour.
Couldn’t think of a better way to end the day. xx

Leather Shoulder Piece: Marina Hoermanseder
Floral Maxi Dress: Lalalove London
Croc Leather Backpack: Sanya V Jain
Sunnies: Celine
Sliders: Nike


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