Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: People were screaming Michael Jackson!

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Ph. Milo Fynn

Challenging my inner Michael Jackson or is it David Bowie.
I haven’t admire a fit as much as this one in a while. It’s a head turner and a „OH WOW, who made that…“ kinda look. Yet the answer is very simple and surprising.
I was scrolling down my Instagram one day during New York Fashion Week when I stumbled upon
Solange Knowels latest update on which she was rocking an oversized blue ish shimmering suit.
It made my heart beat fast. When I was reading the caption, saying H&M Studio AW14, I was done…

Due to some crazy  schedule during nyfw and appointments after, I wasn’t able to hit the store
the day the STUDIO AW14 collection arrived. Gladly the suit was still available once I was able to
make my way out there. And I am loving it so much. Team it up with simple strappy heels or 
with white leather high top vans and you’re dressed like a rock star. What more can I say, the entire
AW14 STUDIO collection is on point. Madly deeply in love! xx


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Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

Awesome blog!!! I love this outfit!!!! It's an amazing suit!!


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