Monday, October 6, 2014

NEW YORK CITY: Rooftop Vibes

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Ph. Erika Dickstein | HAGUE N.Y.C

There comes a time in almost every woman's life where she decides to only listen to her inner 
voice. No one could stop her to do what she wants and feels like. That's exactly how I am
feeling right now.This might be due to the fact that I am in New York, and you know, 
my love story for NYC isn't something brand new on the table, so I will rather stop that one right here.
But seriously, I was often afraid of showing too much skin or of doing this and that for the one 
or another reason but actually hold on a second... Who is making those rules in our society or is it us who are afraid of being judged in a certain way. Then look at women such as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe who indeed showed us some little skin action here and there. We haven't forgot about them in decades.There are voices like"You are better than this, why showing so much skin..." And I am like, what is "this". 
I express myself as I feel like and visuals are art to me, there is nothing wrong with using your skin,
the skin that you were born in to express art. There are certain limits for me which might not be a  limit
for others which is certainly o.k. New York always gives me the most confidence, so why not embracing
it and be happy with the skin you are in?! Yes, exactly. xx

Jumpsuit: AW14 STUDIO H&M
Bathrobe Coat: AW14 STUDIO H&M
Croc Leather Heels: Nelly



Tina said...

Omg das erste und vorletzte Bild sind meine Favs, love it babe! <3

Foxinflora said...

You look wonderful - totally agree with you about rules - there are so many of them, and they are so uunnecessary and pointless, why limit yourself with the rules!
Love the coat!!


Eea said...

That jumpsuit looks so sexy. Love it.

Eea P

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